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Meeting Notes, August 19, 2008

Present: Rose Hilk, Nathan Mitchell, Elizabeth Richardson, Sarah Rydell, Anne Samuelson

The ECRC now has recycling bins in the building.

Elizabeth noted that the garbage in the 3rd floor kitchen always has paper or discarded mail in it. She suggested we switch the order of the recycling and garbage so recycling is the first bin people see when rounding the corner. To combat a similar problem in the copy room, the garbage could be removed.

Old Business:
Newsletter #1: Paper
Several people have heard positive feedback regarding the newsletter. Sarah was asked to send an e-copy of the newsletter to the Eating Research group in the psychiatry dept.

Newsletter #1: Supplement

Nathan has completed a draft of the newsletter supplement. He will email it to the Green Team to try the instructions and proof the newsletter. Send any comments about the supplement to Nathan by Friday August 22.

Bulletin Board
Nathan will print a few copies of Newsletter #1 and the Supplement to post on the bulletin board for people to borrow or keep.

Campus/Dept. Mailings
Sarah will speak with Ginger about decreasing the number of flyers the department sends to each employee for events – suggest hanging a few in key locations rather than putting one in each employee’s mailbox.

Elizabeth will write form letter/ talking points to send to Amy Short regarding campus-wide mailings. We suggest that email could be used instead of paper mailings or a departmental mailing list could be compiled and each department post several announcements rather than each employee receiving a paper copy.

New Business:
Computer Help Sessions
Rose will speak with Epi Help about offering 2-3 short computer skills classes to enhance/ reinforce the paper saving techniques we discussed in our newsletter. Could be titled "How to create a PDF" Could also be open to other computer questions.

Electronic Data Collection
Sarah will give an update about the results of the PNA survey. We discussed offering short tutorials (similar to the computer classes) on the different types of electronic survey tools.

Newsletter #2: Energy: Electricity and Gas

Our next newsletter will focus on energy conservation. It would be helpful to have someone from building maintenance (Walt?) sit in on these meetings because many energy changes would need to be adopted by the maintenance staff. Also discussed including security in tasks such as placing pre-printed post-its in cubes where task lighting has been left on over night. Also discussed switching to one icemaker for the department.

Rose also suggested that our next newsletter mention the ‘Free Shelf’ on 4th floor.

Green Team Identification
Interested Green Team members could place a copy of the logo outside their cubicle with a note to ask about how to become a green team member or how to conserve resources.

Our next meeting will be Tues. Sept. 9 from 12pm-1pm in WBOB 410. All are welcome.