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Meeting Notes, Sept. 15, 2008

Present: Lindsey Fabian, Rose Hilk, Nathan Mitchell, Liz Pukenis, Elizabeth Richardson, Anne Samuelson, Mark Weaver


Old Business:
Newsletter #1: Supplement
The supplement did not get sent out in full. Nathan will send out the supplement now that students are back and the new semester has started. He will also post laminated copies on the bulletin board.

Electronic Data Collection
Sarah will give an update about the results of the PNA survey. We discussed offering short tutorials (similar to the computer classes) on the different types of electronic survey tools.

Campus/Dept. Mailings
Sarah will speak with Ginger about decreasing the number of flyers the department sends to each employee for events – suggest hanging a few in key locations rather than putting one in each employee’s mailbox.

Elizabeth will write form letter/ talking points to send to Amy Short regarding campus-wide mailings. We suggest that email could be used instead of paper mailings or a departmental mailing list could be compiled and each department post several announcements rather than each employee receiving a paper copy.

Green Team Identification
Interested Green Team members could place a copy of the logo outside their cubicle with a note to ask about how to become a green team member or how to conserve resources.

ACTION: Lindsey will print small Green Team logos for us to post outside our cubes. Lindsey will get a CUFs from Ginger to use. She will print them and bring them to the next meeting.

Computer Help Sessions

Rose spoke to Carol Wiebe and Carol plans to speak with Epi Help and discuss the possibility of doing some short staff workshops on how to do make PDFs, etc. Maybe it could be tied into the admin breakfast. We could suggest topics.

ACTION: Rose will forward the email to Mark and Mark will follow up with Carol.

New Business:
Suggestion Box
“These Come From Trees? stickers for putting on paper towel dispensers to remind people to take fewer paper towels. $10 would purchase 50 stickers. ACTION: Liz will hand make the stickers.

Cleaning Products - Lindsey says 7th generation cleaning products are available. We just need to tell Ginger when we want to start ordering them. ACTION: Nathan will tell her to start ordering ASAP.

Bernie had mentioned to Nathan that there might be some funding for the Green Team.
ACTION: Nathan will ask about departmental funding for small purchases such as the paper towel stickers or color printing.

Recycling Ink Cartridges
Ink cartridges/toners – send the empty cartridges to Epi Help – label each printer and post in EpiNews

Newsletter #2: Energy: Electricity and Gas

-Computer back-up schedule and info (ACTION: Mark will check on the schedule and the procedure for checking if your computer backed up.)
-Email Ann Everett or Ginger about lighting in building at night, dishwashing schedule, reporting dripping water, building temperature, and how to schedule Walt to come to our next meeting. ACTION : Nathan will meet with Anne or Ginger.
-Shades – Rose suggested getting people to volunteer to monitor blinds in conference rooms and along walls. Above 80 degrees should be closed during day, under 40 should be closed at night. ( ACTION : Nathan will contact facilities management to learn their suggestions and Rose will recruit individuals to monitor the rooms.)
-Turn off power strips at night.
-Discourage individual appliances in cubes – space heaters, fridges prohibited. Recommend to talk to facilities and to unplug any chargers
-Rose also suggested that our next newsletter mention the ‘Free Shelf’ on 4th floor.

Our next meeting will be Monday. Oct. 6 from 12pm-1pm in WBOB 410. All are welcome.