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Meeting Notes, October 6, 2008

Present: Nathan Mitchell, Therese Ockenden, Liz Pukenis, Elizabeth Richardson, Anne Samuelson, Mark Weaver

∑ Therese noted that many of the one sided papers in our reuse bins are identical. At the next ECRC coordinators meeting, Therese and Nathan will bring it up and suggest that studies print only a small number of copies so fewer pages are wasted should forms change.

∑ Ginger is now ordering 7th Generation cleaning products for the WBOB kitchens.

∑ Nathan sent the second part of our paper conservation newsletter out. He also put two copies for general use on the bulletin board.

∑ Lindsey placed Green Team logos in team members’ mailboxes to be posted outside cubes.

Old Business:

Electronic Data Collection
Sarah will give an update about the results of the PNA survey. We discussed offering short tutorials (similar to the computer classes) on the different types of electronic survey tools.

Campus/Dept. Mailings
Elizabeth wrote a draft letter regarding decreasing campus mailings. We discussed possible changes and she’ll make updates. Amy Short also emailed us about her efforts and we will ultimately send our draft to her.

Computer Help Sessions
Rose spoke to Carol Wiebe and Carol plans to speak with Epi Help and discuss the possibility of doing some short staff workshops on how to do make PDFs, etc. Maybe it could be tied into the admin breakfast. We could suggest topics.

ACTION: Rose will forward the email to Mark and Mark will follow up with Carol.

These Come From Trees stickers
Liz made drafts of the stickers using the Green Team logo. We discussed our preferred layout.

ACTION: Liz will make changes to the stickers.

We received a copier code for making color copies.

ACTION: We should speak with Bernie about setting up a small budget so we know how much money we can spend.

Recycling Ink Cartridges
Ink cartridges/toners – send the empty cartridges to Epi Help – label each printer and post in EpiNews

New Business:
Newsletter #2: Energy Conservation: Electricity and Gas
Nathan has created space for the second newsletter on the blog. We can use this space to post comments about what we are working on for the newsletter between Oct 6 and Oct 27.

The following ideas have been mentioned for the newsletter:
-Computer back-up schedule and info (ACTION: Mark will check on the schedule and the procedure for checking if your computer backed up.)
-Turn off power strips at night.
-Discourage individual appliances in cubes – space heaters, fridges prohibited. Recommend to talk to facilities and to unplug any chargers
-Mentioning the ‘Free Shelf’ on 4th floor.

Information Session with Walt Lipa
Walt joined our meeting and answered our questions regarding energy use in WBOB.

LIGHTS: Lights in WBOB are supposed to be off 11pm-5:30/6am. He mentioned that one bank of lights on 5th floor are stuck on. The lights must be turned on or off by custodial staff since the lights are controlled by a computer. Old policy used to be that lights were turned off on sunny days.

TEMPERATURE: WBOB’s climate control functions differently than a typical house. The thermostats turn cold air on rather than warm air to regulate the temperature. Thermostats are located all over the building to control temp. but they can only be accessed by staff with a key. Usually the temperature is set at 72-74 degrees.

CLEANING PRODUCTS: The cleaning products in the building are considered green. Walt will get us the info. He did not know if the hand soap in the bathrooms is considered green.

4-BIN TRASH SYSTEM: The University is trying to switch to 4-bin systems for trash like those located throughout WBOB (office paper, other paper, bottles, trash). Ultimately, the goal is for employees to remove and sort their own trash/recycling from their offices/cubes. Do we each need individual trashcans? Walt mentioned that if we want to take care of our own trash can and recycling, we may most a sign by our nameplate saying “do not clean?. Walt also mentioned the Reuse Center – a recycling center on the UMN campus with office supplies, furniture, bikes, etc. available for free or low prices.

CONTACTS: 1) The University contracts the services for WBOB out. Dave Danforth is the U contact and MSI is the company that hires custodial staff and Walt. Every even month the University has a tenants meeting where we could connect with them – first Thurs of Dec. Anne Everett is our representative. 2) The University has an energy department. Call Joe Larson to learn about how best to control energy in WBOB. 3) On a weekend call 4-2900 or 5-0011 for help with running toilets etc. answered 24-7.

Upcoming meetings:
Monday. Oct. 27, 2008 from 12pm-1pm in WBOB 405
Monday, Nov. 17, 2008 from 12pm-1pm in WBOB 405