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Meeting Notes, November 17, 2008

In Attendance: Nathan Mitchell, Anne Samuelson, Therese Ockenden, Annie Hotop, Elizabeth Richardson, Laura Klein, Rose Hilk, Lindsey Fabian

∑ No comments from bulletin board
∑ Blog comment received suggesting more efficient infrared space heaters
∑ Blog comment suggested meeting at ECRC on occasion
∑ Amy Short pointed us to the Institute on Community Integration's Clean and Green Initiative – a blog similar to ours

∑ Nathan spoke to people on the e-mail list but not regular attendees. Meeting times and busy work schedules are part, but one person requested she be assigned a task rather than attend meetings.
∑ Nathan will attend the WBOB tenant meeting in December to discuss efforts to make WBOB a demonstration project. Contact him if you have ideas you want presented.
∑ Next meeting will be held at the ECRC on December 8th
∑ Bernie has scheduled a discussion of a Green Team budget into a meeting

∑ Paper conservation tip sheet may not have a link on Epi web page. Nathan will check and request if needed.
∑ How many people look at blog? What is its purpose? Members report hearing that people liked newsletter, but blog may be too user-unfriendly. It can be a good place to search for info, but may not be best for communicating with the rest of the Division. The current blog is not official as the Division is concerned about editorial control and staff time. The link from the EpiCH web page is currently located under “Support Services?, which makes it hard to find. The group did not see a need to have it hosted by EpiCH (vs. mitc0186 - Nathan) at this time.
∑ Nathan will add a blog link to the Clean & Green blog
∑ Next newsletter is to come out in December. This issue will focus on what we have been doing, rather than a topic such as energy conservation. Members were skeptical that we could publish this in December and an energy conservation newsletter in January, when Bernie’s State of the Division address can be used to push our agenda.
∑ Newsletter entry on blog is open for additions via commenting
∑ Lora Bunge will assemble next newsletter from blog comments
∑ The next newsletter should ask readers to comment on what information they want us to provide. There was a brief discussion of whether we should focus exclusively on topics applicable to the office or open up to home and garden.
∑ Another “Superhero? award could help increase our visibility
∑ Annie will work with Carol Wiebe to suggest Green Tips for each epi newsletter

∑ Elizabeth received a request for unbleached paper. Laura will look into whether recycled is always bleached, and whether that is more green than unbleached
∑ A motion unanimously passed to request the administration create a policy for bulletin board use that makes them a better means of communication. Suggested policies include each bulletin board having a ‘rules sheet’ posted, that all items must have an event date or posting date, that some items be restricted to designated bulletin boards. Nathan will take this idea to Ginger.
∑ Elizabeth read her revised letter concerning all-campus mailings. She will give it to Nathan to share with Amy Short(U Sustainability Coordinator).
∑ Electronic data collection: Lindsey and Kathleen Link are meeting to go over comments. If there is interest Bernie may provide money to support P&A in-service luncheons to instruct staff
∑ There has been no word from Mark Weaver about in-services for regular meetings (e.g. admin) to train on computer issues such as creating PDF’s, shutting off computers, etc.
∑ A question was asked about paper weights - Does the paper weight (e.g. 20# bond) affect its “greenness?? The answer can be included in the upcoming newsletter.
∑ Liz Pukenis was not present to discuss “These come from trees? stickers.

∑ Ginger Hughes has instructed Debbie Cullen to meet with Carol Weibe to learn about turning the giant flat screen (near the 3rd floor front desk) on and off. She will have turn it off at the end of the day.
∑ At a previous meeting Walt said the preceding tenant turned off bldg lights on sunny days. Nathan presented a motion to request this be reinstated. Concerns centered on what lights would be off. It was thought that a trial run would be good if it is advertised well ahead of time and employees are given a chance to provide feedback. Nathan will take this idea to the tenants’ meeting.
∑ Mark Weaver has not provided the computer backup schedule. Nathan will contact Jeff Johnson.

∑ Another coup for Rose: Walt is looking for shelving to place under the stairway by the 3rd floor reception desk. This will be the next “free shelf?.
∑ Therese meets today with Peg & Sarah at ECRC to discuss silverware. In WBOB there is a shortage of flatware in all of the kitchens. There was talk of great hordes in offices and cubicles. Perhaps they are being taken for scrap metal? Are they moving from kitchen to kitchen? Is it more water-efficient to have each person wash there own ware or use the dishwasher? Will Ginger give every employee a set as a Christmas present? Plastic utensils are $50 per box of 1000? As ever, the discussion was long and impassioned. Actions to be taken: Nathan will ask Ginger to consider an e-mail announcing an amnesty for flatware thieves and horders. Rose will make kitchen signs requesting people not horde and also donate old flatware from home to the epi kitchens.

Dec 8th 12:00-1:00 in room 252 of the ECRC
On the agenda – assigning/reviewing newsletter blurbs