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Choosing paper for purchase

No matter how well we conserve, we do use paper. Due to an error in ordering EpiCH was receiving sub-par paper, but we are back to the good stuff:
- 100% post-consumer (see extended entry) recycled content
- process chlorine free

"Recycled" products count any reuse of production waste. In other words, you could conceivably bring in all new wood, make a 10 foot wide roll, cut the middle 5 feet into sheets, 'recycle' the 5 feet of 'waste' back through the cutting machine to generate sheets, and call the paper 50% recycled.

"Recycled post-consumer" means that it was bought and made its way back through the recycling system to a manufacturer.


Hi all.
I thought I'd send a quick update. I volunteered to look into whether
recycled paper must be bleached. I found this link to a Green
Guide/National Geographic article which was very good:

It appears that the most environmentally friendly type of paper to purchase
is PCW (post-consumer waste), PCF (process chlorine free) recycled paper. I
checked the boxes of copier paper in the 3rd floor copy room and they are
all PCW and PCF. Go Epi! :)

In my search, I did see that several colleges, such as Middlebury in
Vermont, have actually adopted paper policies regarding which papers they as
a campus will purchase and use. I've attached Middlebury's policy just in
case you are interested. This may be something interesting to adopt as a
department in terms of all paper purchases - including colored paper for