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Meeting Notes, December 8, 2008

Present: Annie Hotop, Nathan Mitchell, Anne Samuelson

∑ A free shelf has been set up on the 3rd floor in addition to the 4th floor.
∑ Nathan attended the Tenants’ Meeting and received a warm response. Everyone at the meeting asked to be added to the Green Team email list. Will discuss how to incorporate whole building in Green Team in new business.
∑ Anne researched if recycled paper is bleached. She found that WBOB uses the most environmentally friendly option – post-consumer waste (PCW) and processed chlorine free (PCF).
∑ Lindsey reported via email that the Secretaries group is not interested in an in-service to learn about paper conversation tips (they think the 2-page flyer is good enough).

Forwarded Action Items:
∑ Nathan will add a blog link to the Clean & Green blog
∑ Nathan will talk to Ginger about the administration creating a bulletin board use policy.
∑ Nathan will ask Ginger to consider an e-mail announcing an amnesty for flatware thieves and horders.
∑ Rose will make kitchen signs requesting people not horde and also donate old flatware from home to the epi kitchens.

Old Business:
We will try to complete a short newsletter before the end of December. Writing was assigned as follows:
- info about the Reuse Center at UMN (Anne)
- free shelf (Rose)
- What else would people like to learn from the Green Team, a survey of interests (tips for home use or stick to office issues) replies to be posted on bulletin board or blog (Lora B.)
- paper weight (20 lb vs. 40 lb) (Annie)
- bulletin boards (Nathan)

New Business:
State of the Division
Bernie has offered that the Green Team may put three slides in his State of the Division address. We will solidify these slides at January meeting but will focus on mission of green team, facts about WBOB paper and energy use and conservation, and goals for 2009.

ECRC bulletin board
Therese will set up a Green Team bulletin board in the ECRC break room.

Charlotte Quinton will be awarded the next superhero award at the coordinator’s meeting on 12/9. Anne will print the award. Annie will purchase an eco-friendly chocolate bar as the prize. Some discussion needs to be had about

Dishes, again.
A survey has been created to see how much willingness there is to dispose of disposable dishes in the ECRC and WBOB. We will also research how much money is spent on paper/plastic dishes and silverware in each building. Annie will ask Sarah. The task of asking Ginger was unassigned. Please let Anne Samuelson (samue109@umn.edu) know if you would be willing to ask.

Tenant’s Meeting/Expanding the Green Team
At the Tenant’s Meeting interest was expressed to expand the Green Team to a building-wide initiative. In January, we’ll meet with the whole building and discuss how different tenants might be interested in being involved. Energy management said they have lots of money anything that will pay for itself in 6 years can be implemented. Sometime in 2009 WBOB will be splitting the energy bill by departments/floors; at that point, we could monitor energy expenditure per floor. The energy management goal is to cut 15% of energy use.

Upcoming meetings:
Monday January 5, 2009 at noon WBOB location TBA