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Meeting Notes, January 5, 2009

Present: Lindsey Fabian, Rose Hilk, Annie Hotop, Bonnie Martin, Nathan Mitchell, Therese Ockenden, Liz Pukenis, Sarah Rydell, Anne Samuelson

Our formal meeting time for 2009 will be the 1st Monday of every month from 12:30-1:30pm in WBOB 305. An informal lunch date is set for the 4th Monday of every month from 12:30-1:30pm in WBOB 305 to chat in greater depth about conservation ideas.

Forwarded Action Items:
Therese will set up a Green Team bulletin board in the ECRC break room.

Old Business:
Lora has received many submissions for the newsletter. She will work on it before she leaves for vacation and hopefully it can be sent out by the end of January.

ECRC dishes survey
Therese conducted a survey of the ECRC staff regarding dishware. 37 out of 64 surveys were returned for a response rate of 57%. The majority of returned surveys were in favor of using personal rather than disposable dishes and silverware. The ECRC will try a one-month trial in February; during that month disposable dishes and utensils will be unavailable except for office-wide events. The ECRC is also counting how many disposable dishes and utensils are used on a weekly basis.

State of the Division
The State of the Division will be given in February. We decided to add a fourth slide to those previously discussed. The fourth slide will highlight our accomplishments from 2008 – newsletter, coffee decreases, free shelf, etc.

These come from trees labels
Liz brought a draft of the These Come from Trees labels. We decided to print them on magnets rather than stickers so we don’t deface UMN property. Lindsey will print the magnets and find a crew to hang them up. Rose will bring in her collection of magnets from home to be used.

Our last Superhero was awarded in Dec. and she received a chocolate bar. We discussed the need for a more consistent type of award that is not purchased by committee members. Lindsey will call various stores in the area and see if they will donate reusable shopping bags.

New Business:
Goals for 2009
1. Cut energy expenditure by 5%
a. Publicize and simplify (M-Th back-up days so off all weekend) computer shut-down guidelines
b. Eliminate or decrease use of small appliances in cubicles and offices
c. Decrease time all lights on in WBOB and ECRC
d. Note: Electric and gas in WBOB costs $1 million year
2. Get more people involved through better communication and including other departments
a. Invite a representative from every department in WBOB to serve on Green Team
b. Respond to results of staff survey
c. Tap potential of individuals who do not wish to serve on the committee but are willing to do small
tasks (monitor paper purchases, hang posters)
3. Decrease paper use
a. Monitor paper purchases (Liz)
b. Monitor number of pages printed
4. Determine better methods for measuring and communicating energy and paper use
5. Eliminate disposable dishes and utensils except for division-wide events
a. Monitor cost for disposable plates and utensils in WBOB (Rose)
b. Monitor cost for disposable plates and utensils in ECRC (Annie)

ReUse Center Tour
Anne will set up a field trip to the ReUse center. We have been given the okay to use the Epi Shuttle for the trip.

Upcoming meetings:
Informal lunch: Monday January 26, 2009 at 12:30 WBOB 305.
Monthly meeting: Monday February 2, 2009 at 12:30pm WBOB 305.