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Meeting Notes, February 2, 2009

Present: Lindsey Fabian, Annie Hotop, Bonnie Martin, Nathan Mitchell, Therese Ockenden, Sarah Rydell, Anne Samuelson, Mark Weaver

The executive Green Team (representatives from all divisions and buildings on the far west side of campus) meeting will be the 1st Monday of every month from 12:30-1:30pm in WBOB 305. The EpiCH Green Team (anyone from division of EpiCH) will meet on the 4th Monday of every month from 12:30-1:30pm location TBA.

Forwarded Action Items
State of the Division Address Slides
The State of the Division address has been moved to April 17. We will revise our slides at our next meeting to be submitted to Bernie.

Old Business:
Reuse Center tour
We had a full shuttle (6 people) tour the Reuse Center. Items are provided free to departments and at a low cost to individuals.

These Come from Trees labels
The labels were going to be affixed on magnets and then places on paper towel dispensers, etc. with magnets. However, magnets will not stick on our aluminum paper towel dispensers. We discussed printing them on window cling material. Anne found a box of printable window cling material for $80 for 100 sheets online. ACTION: Nathan and Bonnie will bring it up at the next tenants’ meeting and see if the tenants in the building would be willing to split the cost and receive “These Come from Trees? clings for their paper sources.

New Business:
Quality Fair
The UMN Quality Fair will be Feb. 5, 2009 and they are taking submissions for ideas to improve the U. Winning ideas will receive $75 as a prize. Anyone can submit an idea. The following submission ideas were assigned:
- 2-page paper conservation tipsheet – Therese
- Computer shut-off – Mark
- One-sided paper bins – Nathan
- Reuse Center tour – Anne
- Silverware at the ECRC – Annie
- Coffee – Rose
- Superhero – Lindsey
- Stop campus-wide mailing – Anne
- Bulletin boards vs. fliers – Lindsey

Energy Conservation Newsletter
The deadline for submitting articles for the newsletter is Feb. 13, 2009. We will have a copy of the newsletter at our March 2 meeting for a final review. The goal is to send the newsletter sometime in March just before the State of the Division address in April.

A superhero has been selected for the upcoming newsletter. ACTION: Lindsey will print the award and get reusable bags from area stores.

Green Team Structural Revisions
The EpiCH Green Team has grown to include other departments within WBOB and the ECRC. We discussed that for most efficient use of time. Departments should meet separately and send a representative to the Executive Green Team meeting once a month. Departmental Green Teams will address issues pertinent only to their department (silverware, etc.) while the Executive Green Team will hear reports from the Departmental groups and also work on projects (newsletter, education, etc.) that benefit all involved departments. ACTION: We need to request representatives from other departments. ACTION: Our logo will need to be made available to other departments so they can insert their department title (i.e. ECRC Green Team).

Upcoming meetings:
EpiCH Green Team: February 23, 2009 at 12:30 WBOB 464
Executive Green Team: Monday March 2, 2009 at 12:30pm WBOB 305

1. Cut energy expenditure by 5%
a. Publicize and simplify (M-Th back-up days so off all weekend) computer shut-down guidelines
b. Eliminate or decrease use of small appliances in cubicles and offices
c. Decrease time all lights on in WBOB and ECRC
d. Note: Electric and gas in WBOB costs $1 million year
2. Get more people involved through better communication and including other departments
a. Invite a representative from every department in WBOB to serve on Green Team
b. Respond to results of staff survey
c. Tap potential of individuals who do not wish to serve on the committee but are willing to do small tasks (monitor paper purchases, hang posters)
3. Decrease paper use
a. Monitor paper purchases (Liz)
b. Monitor number of pages printed
4. Determine better methods for measuring and communicating energy and paper use
5. Eliminate disposable dishes and utensils except for division-wide events
a. Monitor cost for disposable plates and utensils in WBOB (Rose)
b. Monitor cost for disposable plates and utensils in ECRC (Annie)