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Meeting Notes, March 2, 2009

Present: Jenae Batt, Jody Christensen, Jolene Elliott, Anne Everett, Lindsey Fabian, Connie Garraty, Rose Hilk, Annie Hotop, Kathy Johnson, Joe Larson, Bonnie Marten, Nathan Mitchell, Therese Ockenden, Liz Pukenis, Anne Samuelson

Forwarded Action Items
State of the Division Address Slides
The State of the Division address has been moved to April 17. We will revise our slides at our next meeting to be submitted to Bernie.

These Come from Trees
To be printed on window cling material and affixed to locations throughout buildings where paper is used (paper towels, plates, etc.). Nathan and Bonnie were going to discuss cost splitting with WBOB tenants.

Old Business:
Energy Conservation Newsletter
The newsletter is nearly finished. Some final edits are being made. A draft was proofed at the EpiCH Green Team meeting on February 23. The newsletter should be ready by the late March deadline. Nathan can send to EpiCH and the tenants’ list but will need individual leaders from each department to send the newsletter to their staff.

A superhero has been selected but the award has not yet been given. ACTION: Lindsey will print the award and get reusable bags from area stores.

Green Team Structural Revisions
The EpiCH Green Team has grown to include other departments within WBOB and the ECRC. We discussed that for most efficient use of time. Departments should meet separately and send a representative to the Executive Green Team meeting once a month. Departmental Green Teams will address issues pertinent only to their department (silverware, etc.) while the Executive Green Team will hear reports from the Departmental groups and also work on projects (newsletter, education, etc.) that benefit all involved departments. ACTION: We need to request representatives from other departments. ACTION: Our logo will need to be made available to other departments so they can insert their department title (i.e. ECRC Green Team).

New Business:
Building Electric and Gas conservation
Environmental Control Hours:
Joe Larson discussed the new environmental control hours in WBOB. Tenants from each floor have noted the hours staff work and need overhead lighting and controlled temperature. Lights and heating/cooling will be turned off earlier in the evenings according to a new schedule. On weekends and late evenings, lights and temperature controls will only be activated for special events and for groups of people. Individuals will be responsible for using task lighting and dressing for cooler/warmer temperatures. Additionally, individuals will not be able to request that lights/heat be turned on. Instead, a gatekeeper would need to be notified of events or reasons for the environmental control hours to be altered. ACTION: Joe will send an email to the WBOB tenants with the new hours for lighting, heating and cooling. He will also speak with Bisek about the possibility of having gatekeepers responsible for giving the okay for a change in the lighting, heating or cooling schedule.

Motion Sensor Lights:
Currently bathroom lights in WBOB are on 24/7. If motion sensors were installed on lights (with a 30-45 minute) timer, lights would not be left on all night and energy would be conserved.

Cleaning Schedule:
The University is currently running a test in 4 buildings by decreasing vacuuming and garbage collection in cubicles and offices to once per week. Cleaning staff still cleans the common areas every evening and any time gained from decreasing cleaning in offices is used to better maintain common areas. The reaction to this trail has been positive perhaps because it also decreases the cost of cleaning services for departments.

Monitoring Electricity:
WBOB tenants are currently charged for electricity by square feet occupied. Nathan suggested putting in monitors that could measure the electricity used by each floor. Departments could then be charged for the energy they truly use rather than their estimated energy use as a proportion of the building. Departments such as EpiCH would fare well with this system since they occupy two full floors. Departments with employees spread between floors will not benefit as much. Monitors cost $800 each.

ECRC Update
Therese and Anne will be meeting with Peg K. on Tuesday March 3 to discuss the details of ECRC lighting, heating and cooling. Additionally, they have had a follow-up survey regarding disposable silverware and dishes. The majority of staff are happy to use their own reusable items. A few staff members reported that they wanted access to disposable dishes. They will have a few items available but will ask staff to use them only in emergencies. ACTION: Therese will send Nathan a blurb about the ECRC silverware results for the newsletter.

Resources on Energy Conservation
Earthhour.org – March 28 one hour of cities turning off their lights world-wide
Myfootprint.org – measure your carbon footprint
DNR – sponsors weeks in the spring and fall of no outdoor lights because they confuse migrating birds

Upcoming meetings:
EpiCH Green Team: March 30, 2009 at 12:30 WBOB 464
Executive Green Team: Monday April 6, 2009 at 12:30pm WBOB 305

1. Cut energy expenditure by 5%
a. Publicize and simplify (M-Th back-up days so off all weekend) computer shut-down guidelines
b. Eliminate or decrease use of small appliances in cubicles and offices
c. Decrease time all lights on in WBOB and ECRC
d. Note: Electric and gas in WBOB costs $1 million year
2. Get more people involved through better communication and including other departments
a. Invite a representative from every department in WBOB to serve on Green Team
b. Respond to results of staff survey
c. Tap potential of individuals who do not wish to serve on the committee but are willing to do small tasks (monitor paper purchases, hang posters)
3. Decrease paper use
a. Monitor paper purchases (Liz)
b. Monitor number of pages printed
4. Determine better methods for measuring and communicating energy and paper use
5. Eliminate disposable dishes and utensils except for division-wide events
a. Monitor cost for disposable plates and utensils in WBOB (Rose)
b. Monitor cost for disposable plates and utensils in ECRC (Annie)