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Meeting notes, April 6th 2009

Present: Joy Blewett, Lindsey Fabian, Nancy Fulton, Annie Hotop, Nathan Mitchell, Therese Ockenden


The garden club has met once, next meeting is announced in the newsletter
A cardboard recycling sign was requested for 3rd floor
There is a _large_ set of drawers in the 3rd floor mailroom for collecting paper and binder clips
The newsletter has received a favorable response
- NM has received numerous comments
- OIT and training services have forwarded it to their departments
There is now yogurt recycling in the 3rd floor kitchen
On Friday TO received one of the $75 Quality Fair awards for the paper conservation newsletter!

ECRC: TO, AH, Chris Dwight in attendance.
- CD suggested that the Green Team needs better marketing: letting people know what we have done and are doing.
- The new kitchen policy is posted and in effect.
- There are 6-7 personal or study mini-fridges running
- The building has received some award for environmental performance, details unknown
- There is no NCC e-mail list at this time. NM stated that it is easy to create one, but you have to be careful to not forward messages accidentally as he did just prior to the meeting.
EPI:WBOB: NM and Rose Hilk
- Approved Epi State of the Division slides
- Reviewed newsletter, NM to send as soon as edited
- RH will look into utility of 'compostable' kitchen products
- The U has not yet made a recommendation about cleaning schedules, so there have been no further changes to lighting hours
- There is a proposal to replace the cooling units, but it will cost around $750,000 and it is unclear if money is available

No signs were placed to indicate that 3rd floor cardboard recycling was moved into the copy room. No one was assigned to make signs

Protest of campus-wide mailings has not progressed. This is more complicated than simply sending letters to offenders. NF mentioned an employee mailing that received much better response than multiple e-mails. LF was concerned that we were trying to ban campus mailings. NM explained that one preceding step is to find out what departments have bulletin boards as an alternative, coordinated through the Sustainability Coordinator. TO suggested an opt-out method to escape mailings.

NM would like to post energy use figures in WBOB. AH has seen reports for the ECRC. These numbers are building-wide. NM did not bring up running separate electrical meters when he attended the tenant meeting.

One of the EpiCH full-size refrigerators uses about $110 a year in electricity. The small 3rd floor fridge is malfunctioning and out of service. JB reported 3 fridges in her floor - 1 large warm one and 2 mediums. Repairs are often not cost-effective. Replacement with efficient models may be a waste in money and energy (the energy of building a new one), so it may be best to keep the 2 mediums until one breaks, then replace with a full size. At the ECRC one of the fridges has only one roll of (unexposed) film - definitely not efficient. At the sub meeting CD said she is not comfortable sharing a fridge, and thought there might be backlash if people were asked to turn them off. TO will put the Kill-A-Watt on a mini-fridge and NM will collect readings. This cost will be communicated to the owners and they will be allowed to make their own decisions on continuing use.

The ECRC staff kitchen has a small supply of disposable dishware hidden behind an 'emergency use only' sign. There is another sign (with friendly wording!) stating that dishes left unwashed in the sink may be thrown away. The signs emphasize that these policies were determined democratically.

AH will again look into printable 'clings' to produce our "These Come From Trees" stickers. They may be available on Amazon. Approximately 50 stickers worth (5/page?) are desired. These may be purchased with the Quality Fair prize money.

TO expressed her desire to return the Quality Fair prize money to the Green Team. The award letter asks for information to add it to her paycheck. NF suggested she bypass the paycheck so taxes are not withheld. TO will ask the administration if there is a way to deposit this money (and future Green Team earnings) into an account and withdraw it/receive refunds from it in the future.

Sarah Rydell is collecting yogurt tubs (#5) for recycling at Whole Foods. The bin is in the 3rd floor kitchen, She requested a nicer sign. NM will suggest we return that assignment to her. Once this is up and running we will invite the rest of WBOB to join in. AH will forward information on the recycling codes for the next newsletter.

TO brought a compostable cup to the meeting. Liz Pukenis had given Ginger Hughes information about ordering these. The ECRC is planning to order them when they run out of current supplies. RH inquired previously about whether they are worth the money. They will not compost unless they are in appropriate conditions - not burned or landfilled. NM will see if the garden club is interested in collecting them to compost

LF will print copies of the newsletter to put in the GT bulletin board. NM suggested that the other departments also have one or two paper copies to pass around.

LF was not able to obtain reusable grocery bags for our Superhero. She will work out a prize so we can honor our current nominee soon.

NM asked about need for the separate meetings - ECRC/NCC, EpiCH in WBOB, joint meeting, WBOB tenants meeting. The advantage is that meetings can be made more relevant to attendees and more topics can be covered. The disadvantage is the number of meetings and the smaller number of attendees. The ECRC representatives would like to continue to hold separate meetings through the summer to reevaluate. The WBOB meetings will go down to once a month and report to the WBOB tenants meetings. It is thought that content is growing less EpiCH-specific, so a single meeting is more palatable.