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Meeting Notes May 4, 2009

Present: Nancy Fulton, Annie Hotop, Kathy Johnson, Bonnie Marten, Nathan Mitchell, Polly Peterson, Anne Samuelson

May marks the Green Teams 1 year anniversary.

The Green Team presented a few slides about Green Team activities during the State of the Division address and had a favorable response.

The UMN is launching a new sustainability website. The offerings are currently limited.

#5 plastic containers are being recycled in the EpiCH 3rd floor kitchen. Whole Foods is now accepting #5 products to be recycled into colanders, toothbrushes and other products. Feel free to bring your #5 recyclables to 3rd floor or start your own collection to be dropped off at Whole Foods.

Anne Samuelson will be leaving Epi in August. A new minute taker/secretary is needed.

A sign has been posted in the Epi 3rd floor kitchen announcing that cardboard recycling has moved into the copy room on 3rd floor.

Move the bins in the 4 bin recycling/trash systems so that recycling is always most accessible (perhaps trash in the middle so one always needs to pass the recycling).

We received complaints about building temperature (too hot, too cold). There is not much we can do except encourage people to close the blinds on sunny and warm days.

Turn off lighting by windows. With the sunlight, the extra lighting is superfluous because we get enough light from the windows. This will need to be a department-by-department choice and departments should talk to Walt to figure out the details.

Create magnet flags for faculty offices noting whether faculty will be in the office. Currently, many faculty members leave their lights on to signify that they are in today and will be returning to their office.

Old Business:
These Come from Trees
To be printed on window cling material and affixed to locations throughout buildings where paper is used (paper towels, plates, etc.). Lindsey also suggested alternative clings encouraging conservation. ACTION: Anne will purchase cling material.

Superhero Awards
Reusable shopping bags are available at Lund’s for $1 each. ACTION: Nancy will check into the availability of UMN Farmer’s Market bags at the bookstore. Annie will check into reusable bags from Target. Annie is also looking into the recycled products she learned about on a National Geographic show.

New Business:
Bike to Work Week – May 11-15
Bike to Work Week is next week and WBOB is an official registered site so bikers or walkers can pick up their participation sticker here. Nathan will be offering a bike maintenance workshop once or twice over the next two weeks in support of bike to work week. We will also post the bike routes map and a map to assist people in carpooling to work.

Green Team Funding
The Green Team won three Working Smarter awards and the money will be used to purchase cling material and other supplies. We also have a set of silverware to sell on E-bay for funds. ACTION: Kathy and Polly will check to see if they can find someone to post the silverware.

Display Case
A display case on the 1st floor will be used by the Green Team to post announcements and educational materials for the whole building. Every effort will be made to change it on a monthly basis.

ECRC Update
The ECRC Green Team will always meet the Monday before the main Green Team meeting. They are currently monitoring mini-fridge use in the ECRC. A mini-fridge costs $15 in electricity per year so the ECRC is encouraging studies to eliminate mini-fridges and use the main staff fridges. The ECRC was awarded for using 49% less energy than other campus buildings of the same size. The ECRC is going to try to continue meeting the facility management goal of reducing electricity use by 5% even with the 1st floor of the ECRC filled again. Building lights are already turned off during the night. The biggest area for improvement at the ECRC is the kitchen and they are looking for green items to put in the participant kitchens.

The ECRC Green Team struggles most with marketing the Green Team and getting new people on board.

Kathy – will keep track of WBOB’s energy use through the monthly numbers provided by Matt. She will use these numbers to keep the information updated in the 1st floor display case

Annie – will update the stop campus mailing letter; Nathan will send her the original draft

Nancy – will look into finding the elevator free day signs

Next Meeting:
Compostable Kitchen Items


Upcoming meetings:
EpiCH Green Team: May 25 at 12:30 WBOB 464
Executive Green Team: Monday June 1, 2009 at 12:30pm WBOB 305