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Meeting Notes, August 3, 2009

Present: Lindsey Fabian, Nancy Fulton, Ann Grindland, Rose Hilk, Annie Hotop, Nathan Mitchell, Anne Samuelson, Mark Weaver

A complaint has been made that the water in the 3rd floor women's restroom is too hot and the water heater should be turned down. No other complaints have been made so we will not take action.

Cindy Bjerke at the ECRC is collecting school and medical supplies (personal not office) for a medical/social mission through her church. Nathan will post her call for supplies on the blog.

27 towels were collected from the downstairs women's bathroom in WBOB. The towels were donated to St. Steven's Men's Shelter.

Anne Samuelson was thanked for taking minutes this past year. After she moves, Polly has offered to take minutes.

Meetings will continue to be held on the first Monday of the month at 12:30.

Project Updates
We have been asked to clean up the #5 recycling so the cardboard box will be replace with a plastic recycling bin. ACTION: Mark will get the bin and set it up with a circular slot on the lid.

Coffee ground composting is going well. If you need coffee grounds for your home compost feel free to stop by the 3rd and 4th floor kitchens to take some home.

Free shelf is also going well, however, Rose reminded us that no clothes or computer/electronic stuff should be put on the shelves. ACTION: Rose will email the Free Shelf instructions to Ann and Nancy so they can start shelves on their floors.

These come from trees stickers will be printed and distributed to the different floors and the ECRC. If they are a success, we will print decals with other messages regarding electricity, water use, etc. ACTION: Lindsey will print the decals and distribute them.

In but out magnets were discussed. A template will be made and distribution of the door tags will be discussed at a future meeting. Perhaps the template could be included in our next newsletter. ACTION: Anne will make a template of the door-tag.

We decided on our next Superhero.

The ECRC is currently on a break from "green things" because there is very little interest in participating on the planning committee. However, all projects that have been implemented have been well received and the staff continue to follow-through with recycling, one-sided paper and using their own dishes. It could be called an "environmental paradise." :)

We settled on a revised logo that says Green Team West (to include WBOB and the ECRC) and differentiate from other campus Green Teams. ACTION: Nathan will make slight changes to the new logo.

At the tenants' meeting, Nathan learned that we can get light bulbs pulled on the outside walls (since there is so much natural light) but we would need to first test it in Epi and then measure the lumens without the outside wall lights to meet OSHA standards. Additionally, there is no clear regulation regarding when to close blinds or leave them open. ACTION: At the next tenants' meeting, Nathan will mention the need to blind maintenance.

There have been some comments (but not complaints) about how stuffy the building is on Monday mornings since the air conditioning has been off all weekend. However, there have not been complaints so we see no reason to change the policy.

Sometime in August, WBOB will transition to having central trash bins and no personal trash bins.

We've been given permission to use a 1st floor bulletin board however no one has volunteered to maintain the board. Some ideas would be to post the newsletter, logo and bike/commuter maps.

In a future newsletter it may be helpful to describe all the small projects we've completed in Epi so they could be duplicated on other floors/buildings (i.e. free shelf, one-sided paper, etc.).

Nathan: will email the information regarding green office paper out to the Green