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Meeting Notes September

Present: Rose H, Lindsey F, Bonnie M, Nathan M, Polly P, Kathy J

We discussed the composting project: coffee grounds are overflowing on the 4th floor. Nathan will add it to the blog, Rose will get it into Epi News. We have bins on both 3rd and 4th floors and are looking for people to take it home to put in their compost bins and return the buckets. Bonnie will ask gardeners within HRMS if they are interested in taking any home and Kathy will ask in her department.

Rose will send a note to other GT members about the Free Shelf to explain how it works so that people can add and subtract items.

We discussed the Paper comes from Trees clings that were put on towel dispensers on the floors. They are hard to read because they are small and don't show well on the stainless steel dispensers and they tend to rub off. We discussed making them bigger, brighter and perhaps putting tape over the outside to make them more durable with cleaning. Lindsey will reprint them, making them bigger and will print them on epi's color printer in the hopes that they will not rub off so easily.

The committee is giving a Super Hero Award to Sarah Rydell for recycling cottage cheese bins. Unfortunately, there has been an issue with people not properly cleaning them, so administration asked her to stop doing it. We will look into getting a bin that will contain the mess. Nathan will ask her if she is willing and able to continue. We will look at what places should have bins to collect them.

Nathan showed us the new Green Team logo, which we all admired.

Nathan also reported on IN but OUT signs. People have like the ones he made but he will make them brighter and change the wording to "If my lights are off, I am conserving energy."

We discussed if there were a way to use fewer lights around the outside corridors of the building because they have ample natural light. This requires testing to make certain that OSHA requirements are met. Similarly, getting window blinds in order to reduce use of air conditioning in the summer would be a department expense and would be expensive because they would have to be custom cut.

Rose talked to Ginger about coffee and they are still getting ...

Nathan announced that he has a Killawatt meter which measures how much wattage is being used on a particular electric device. Ht used it on the postage machine to see what they could save by turning it off at night and it would save about $20 per year. If people want to try it on their appliances, talk to Nathan.

Bonnie announced that Aveda and some churches on their behalf are reusing screw-type bottle covers in their products, so we should create bins into which people could put these covers. She will do one for the 5th floor.


EpiCH has installed an automatic timer on
the News Monitor in the front lobby. It turns the monitor on at 7:00am
and off at 7:00 pm . We stretched the time out to a 12 hour period as
there were many requests to leave it on longer for those who work later.

There's no need to turn the monitor off!

On the agenda:
#5 recycling bins
Coffee ground composting
Free shelf expansion
"These come from trees" clings
"In but out" magnets
Green Team West logo.
Window blind maintenance.
Green Team bulletin board