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Idea list - projects under discussion

Following is a list of the projects that have been proposed to the Green Team. Please feel free to add yours in a comment.

Categories include -- Paper Use -- Electricity -- Water & Gas -- Transportation -- Consumption & Recycling-- Habitat -- Measurement & Evaluation -- Communication

Promote “Think before you print" e-mail signature phrasing
Train staff to e-mail PDF’s instead of faxing
Charge each page printed and/or have collection for non-work print jobs
Set smaller margins as default
Set duplex printing as default
Archive on 2 or 4 pages per sheet
Use print preview on web browsers to prevent empty pages
Promote SAS code to reduce output size
Promote electronic data collection
Collect one-sided paper at all printers/copiers
Get newspaper collection on 3rd/4th floors
Clarify paper recycling rules
Improving bulletin board use
Protest campus-wide mailings
Get 100% post-consumer paper for copy room.printers

Turn off the icemakers and use the freezers
“Just Power Down": turn off conference lights during the day, task lighting night
Skip the elevators – elevator-free day?
Discourage use of automatic doors
Discourage space heaters and other personal high-demand devices
Switch incandescent bulbs to fluorescent
Lights are on all night long
Reducing lighting in hallways

Turn off computers (and publish backup schedule)
Turn off monitors and printers
Turn off copy machines – especially if there is a jam
Turn off power strips at night

Use blinds during summer/winter to control temperature
Chang thermostat settings
How to report water drips/toilets running

Promote Bike/Walk to work week May 12th to 16th
Epi Bike demonstration and refit
EpiBike utilization review
Critique Epi shuttle
Promote carpooling with map
ECRC bike lockers
Bike and walking paths/lanes
Teleconferences over meetings
Offer bicycle tune-ups at work
Promote telecommuting

Ask the U to demand upgradeable computers
Compact fluorescent recycling and fluorescent recycling
ink cartridge recycling
Composting with cafeteria
Swinging bathroom doors/reverse hinges with electric driers
Dishwashers and dishware
- Get glass plates and ceramic bowls
- Get flatware buckets
- Schedule Daily or when ½ full or flatware full. More use in winter.
- Move utensils into drawers
- Dish towels vs. paper towels in the kitchen
Epi re-use inventory, including laptops, gift cards, etc.
Epi event snack packaging/food sources
Fewer garbage cans/bags (in cubicles) – move to halls
Used item exchange (personal property)

Put hawk images on windows
Use native plants for landscaping

Get baseline and ongoing utility measurements
Get baseline and ongoing hard goods consumption (paper, etc)
Do a carbon footprint

Create on-line posting area for rideshare, etc
Conservation resource guide
Put tips and updates in EpiCH news
Publish newsletter and tip sheets


Could you please add "Promote Telecommuting" to the Transportation list?
Thank you.

Elizabeth noted that the garbage in the 3rd floor kitchen always has paper or discarded mail in it. She suggested we switch the order of the recycling and garbage so recycling is the first bin people see when rounding the corner. To combat a similar problem in the copy room, the garbage could be removed.

I twice switched the order but each time it was moved back. It may take a sign.

Congrats on your team efforts to date! You may find other ideas from this University Clean and Green Team:
Blog of the Institute on Community Integration's Clean and Green Initiative

Thanks for sharing your experiences and ideas through this blog and meeting minutes.

Amy Short
Sustainability Coordinator

Reduce bulbs in the lights along the WBOB windows - they're worthless in the day

It all Adds up! Thanks for all your support.

Take the energy conservation pledge and check out more info on the energy programs underway at the University:

Amy Short
Sustainability Coordinator

The water in the women's bathroom is too hot - waste of energy and uncomfortable.

This may not be a question for you, but any way to save some energy by turning down the way-too-high water heater? The water in our office at PHS is scalding hot, and it seems like a huge waste.

There are many power conditioning surge protectors you can install on electronic equipment, especially computers, that will shut off the power supply to each component not being used. Some run on timers so that after a certain amount of inactivity the outlet in question on the surge protector is "turned off".

Suggested to me: Put W-2's on-line so employees can do their taxes right away and to save paper and $$$