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Meeting notes March 22nd

Present: Bonnie Marten, Rose Hilk, Sarah Sevcik, Lindsey Fabian, Polly Peterson, Sarah Rydell, Nathan Mitchell

Earth Day events
Meetings to continue quarterly


Promote telecommunting

  • Nathan will pass on to tenants and as an EpiNews suggestion

  • Goal is to telecommute in Earth Week

Trash pickup

  • Bonnie and Nathan will ask about getting gloves, bags, and dumping garbage at tenants' mtg

  • See separate entry

Energy pledge

  • Nathan will ask FacM and Amy Short for posters and incentives

  • Pledge sheets to be posted on refrigerators

Lights out

  • Bonnie and Nathan will ask about turning lights off noon to 1 at tenants' mtg

Cupboard cleanup

  • HR is doing a spring cleanup on May 6th

  • Plastic cups and lids will be removed from cupboards and placed into discard box for 1 week

  • Rose will do 4th floor, Sarah S will do 3rd floor


Decision was made to meet quarterly in June, September and December.

Additional topics covered:
Sarah's co-op no longer recycles tubs. Whole Foods shoppers should be identified to drop off tubs.
Bottle cap recycling is a success - lots of caps are being collected
No movement by accounting on Green Team account - Nathan has given up
Polly would like to have a green/sustainable potluck
Attendees thought a CSA information luncheon would be a good event
Author of Practically Green might be willing to come to speak


Question received: Is there fluorescent recycling at WBOB?

Suggestion for Earth Day: Trash pickup around WBOB and ECRC

Earth Day event idea: Transportation theme.

- Carpool map
- Bikepool (rainy day rideshare for bike commuters)
- Bicycle tune-ups
- Epi-bike promotion (EpiCH has bikes for employees to borrow)
- Epi-bike video on the flat screen feed?
- More ideas?

Push the It All Adds Up list - get everyone in WBOB to sign up
And the departments as well