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Fall meeting October 25th

Monday October 25th
WBOB 405

Present: Bonnie Marten, Rose Hilk, Sarah Sevcik, Lindsey Fabian, Polly Peterson, Jacob Haapala, Nathan Mitchell

SS agreed to take notes
No one agreed to advertise future meetings (e-mail, post fliers)
LF agreed to notify C Wiebe of future meetings

SS will ask Energy Management for stickers to put on light switches

RH will put double clings on paper towel dispensers to test durability


  • Earth Day Clean up in April

  • NM will work on bringing a CSA to WBOB to speak in the spring

  • BM will contact author of "Practically Green" to see about speaking visit (perhaps co-sponsored with Millie's event group)

Coffee ground composting will be revisited in spring. In the meantime if you want them bring in your own bucket.

Bike racks were removed to make room for moped parking. SS made a motion to request additional upstairs bike racks from the tenants' meeting. Motion seconded and passed unanimously, NM abstaining due to 'chairing'. NM and BM will bring to tenants' meeting.

Bulletin board on lower level is available if we wish to post things.

Quarterly meeting dates set for 1/24, 4/11, 8/15, 11/7


  • RH will ask Ginger for additional silverware, especially forks and spoons

  • RH will test the waters with Ginger about eliminating/concealing paper cups


Nursing provides water and coffee but not cups. Should we get rid of the paper cups in EpiCH?

Need more silverware

It all adds up ideas:

Contact * It All Adds Up* for posters, light switch decals and other items

Energy Management wants to get a “Hit the Lights!” light switch decal on
every campus light switch to remind everyone of the importance of turning
off the lights. Electricity use accounts for more than $25 million in annual
energy costs at the U.

*Monitor your energy use*
Energy Management has created a real time energy demand meter web
pagefor Twin Cities
Campus buildings.