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Winter Meeting: Jan 24th, 2011

Present: Lindsey Fabian, Sarah Sevcik, Mark Weaver, Polly Peterson, Rose Hilk, Nathan Mitchell


CSA event

  • Status: Nathan just contacted the Land Stewardship Project and is waiting for reply.
  • Objective: presentation by a farmer looking for new customers and willing to drop off at WBOB
  • Timing: over lunch on a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday.
  • Advertising: Signs on bathroom stalls

Bicycle tune-ups

  • Schedule for Tuesday of Bike/Walk week (mid-May), with rain date on Friday

Earth Day

  • Timing: Noon to 1 Friday 4/22, rain date following Tuesday
  • Supplies: RH will try to get bags from MSI, NM will bring gloves
  • Activities: Get dropped off elsewhere, clean our way back
  • Have copies of newsletters on hand

Practically Green

  • Micaela Preston not available in Nov/Dec
  • NM to ask BM to ask for Oct or another time

Sustainability Office

  • NM will invite Amy Short to speak over lunch this summer
  • We will try to arrange some food to bring a greater audience


  • NM will verify that Green Team page is still on EpiCH web site
  • There are now more forks in EpiCH