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Spring Meeting: April 11th, 2011

Present: Rianna Andrews, Lindsey Fabian, Sarah Sevcik, Mark Weaver, Nathan Mitchell

Community Supported Agriculture
The CSA presentation was a success, with 40-50 people in attendance. At least 7 boxes have been ordered, and delivery will occur beginning in June.

The TwinCitiesBikeWalk web site does not clearly identify when Bike/Walk Week will be.
Post-meeting notes: It is June 4th to 12th. Because that is an inconvenient time for NM, the tune-up will be scheduled in the latter part of May.

Beautiful U day is on Wednesday the 20th, Earth Day is Good Friday, and many employees are off on Fridays. Therefore the cleanup will be scheduled for Wednesday April 20th, with Friday the 22nd as the rain date.

  • NM will get gloves and bags

  • LF will send flier to NM to review and EpiAll through Carol Wiebe.

We will also advertise the used bicycle sale and bike tune-ups being held that day on campus.

The author is not interested in speaking to us.

NM could not remember if he had sent an e-mail request to Amy Short to visit us. He will invite her to our summer meeting. Follow-up: I did, and she did not reply.

The Green Team links seem to be unavailable on the revised web site. NM will ask CW about this.
There was a fork shortage in the third floor kitchen.

The next meeting was set for July 18th. However, August 15th had been set previously. I believe the reason was to plan for a good kickoff when people return in the fall. Barring complaint, August will be retained.