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Summer meeting: Aug 15th, 2011

Present: Rianna Andrews, Marc Katz, Jacob Haapala, Nathan Mitchell

The CSA drew a lot of interest and is going well
The Earth Day cleanup was snowed out on Wednesday and it rained Friday. JH and NM still went out and collected several contractor bags of garbage along the interstate. They found some dead animals and cash.

Recycling plant tour - Marc will contact the U's recycling plant to see if we can take a tour. NM will see if we can borrow the Epi Shuttle. RA will bring hundreds of questions. We will try to schedule over the lunch hour on a Friday to minimize conflict with staff data collection responsibilities. It should be scheduled when the shuttle is back in service this fall. (Update: The shuttle is here all summer, so it would be better to do it before service resumes in September.)

Additional bike racks - there have been no tenant meetings since the U took over management, so there has not been a good opportunity to make the request.

Recycling at ECRC - Staff are throwing paper into garbage bins. There are not recycling boxes in each office/cubicle. Those present were uncomfortable with the idea of going door to door to provide assistance in paper conservation efforts.

St. Paul Classic Bike Tour - September 11th, 15 to 45 miles traffic-free.

Minneapolis Bike Tour - September 18th the Grand Rounds (the parkways) will be closed to motor vehicles.

Next meeting: November 15th, at noon in WBOB 305. Previously discussed topic was a newsletter giving tips for a reduced-waste holiday season. Bring your ideas!


I want to visit a recycling plant to see what happens

I have always wanted to visit a recycling plant to see what really goes on there. Great Idea.