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CSA winter share

Please comment on how you would like to handle the CSA deliveries this winter.


I think it is better to have them in the kitchen. Like the three bears, it could be too cold outside, too hot in the outer lobby and so the kitchen is just righ! um, a good choice: We know where that is, etc. I am willing to do it tomorrow unless they actually arrive between noon and 1 pm because I have a meeting in that slot.

I'm with Polly's proposal, but it would be helpful to know when the goods arrive. We will probably run into schedule conflicts for moving the goods. I'm willing to take my turn at hauling the stuff to the kitchen (assuming 140/142 area?).

Nathan, thank you for all of your hard work this summer! Thanks also go to everyone else who is helping with these winter shares. I would like to volunteer but I am entering the third trimester of my pregnancy. Lifting and bending for veggie boxes is not possible for me right now. I will follow anyone's lead on where the veggies go and I wish I could be more useful. If there are cubeside tasks that need to be done, please let me know.