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Spring Meeting 12 PM April 2, WBOB 310

Present: Jacob Haapala, Millie Woodbury, Polly Peterson, Rianna Andrews, Mark Weaver, Lindsey Fabien, Nathan Mitchell

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April 23rd at noon, rain date 4/25
LF will

  • update flier

  • send it to C Wiebe to advertise

  • put up fliers 4/16

  • see if cookies can be be provided through Beautiful U day

NM will

  • arrange 'hoppers' from Harold to deposit the waste

  • get bags

  • ask SR to get Bernie to send out an e-mail the day of.

  • e-mail the WBOB tenants list to spread the word

MWeaver will get extra gloves and clementines
RA will handle the volunteer table if needed
MWoodbury will print up volunteer badges
JH will bring water

JH, NM and RA's brother may do a bicycle tune-up event on a Thursday or Friday

RA will get more info


  • SSevcik has contacted the administration to ask about a bike sensor at WBOB so that we can participate in the wellness bike commuting activity

  • Someone contacted the Green Team to point out the irony of the large number of multi-color signs advertising Thursday's sustainability lunch. Members noted that the signs are very attractive and there were not enough for Mark Weaver to have noticed them. RA is taking a few back to 1100 Washington to post.

  • Minneapolis now recycles a wider variety of plastic and paper

  • The next meeting will be July 16th at noon