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Summer Meeting July 16th 2012

Present: Luindsey Fabian, Mark WEaver, Polly Peterson, Nathan Mitchell

Review Earth Day event
Hennepin County recycling tour
Bike commuting
Discuss CSA deliveries
Set Fall meeting schedule

Earth Day event
Next year we will plan for a late March cleanup to increase the amount of trash collected
Coordinating with Red Cross, etc. sounded good. Someone will need to organize.

Hennepin County recycling tour
Deferred until one of the organizers can present

Bike commuting
Bike tune-up has been postponed, probably until spring.
Radio frequency signal was installed in the upper ramp so that WBOB commuters can count their rides in the wellness program.

Discuss CSA deliveries
There are fewer boxes than last year (1 dozen?), and everything is going smoothly.

Fall meeting schedules for October 15th at noon in 305. Additional HR staff are expected to move in before then. Announcements or increased signage may help recruit members.


Some thoughts I wanted to share; Have we thought about partnering with the MN Highway people so that the area on the other side of the 35W fence is cleaned? Is there an opportunity for us to volunteer to help clean that area up?
How about coordinating clean up with the businesses near us? Red Cross, the utiltiy company along River Road, Super Computers along Washington Ave. and the place across South 2nd St. I don't know their name. Like a neighborhood clean up day, week, or month? Or maybe it doesn't have to be coordinated at all.

Suggestion: Designate a WBOB printer to use one-sided paper, or even a copy machine