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Winter meeting Feb 21st, 2013

Earth Day planning meeting

Present: Rose Hilk, Polly Peterson, Kirsten Hansen, Mark Weaver by accident, Jacob Haapala, Vienna Rothberg, Nathan Mitchell

Day of week: Thursday
- Friday fewer work, Monday precludes reminders
Time: 11:30 set up table, continue until 1
Date: March 28, rain date April 4
- Late March is time of maximum dirtiness

RH - Bringing latex gloves
MW - Bringing cotton gloves
NM - Bringing contractor bags
Everyone - Bringing shopping bags
PP - ask Guthrie to donate tickets
RH,MW - warn Harold
NM - Two hoppers from Harold
MW - Clementines
No water this year - bring your own
NM - Route map and markers

VR,KH - Making reusable signs for week of and day of event
NM - E-mail WBOB tenants
KH - Contact Red Cross, Cenveo, supercomputers, others
NM - Contact Nature Conservancy
MW - Broadcast phone message if possible
NM - Bring additional signage: /\ tent style
Everyone - Invite 5 people

PP - Will staff table if we don't have a non-collecting volunteer
RH - Drop off cleaners if needed

VR also created a companion event on Earth Day - promoting reusable dishes

Postponed discussion due to lack of interest

Planning Maydayish kickoff for tune-ups and promoting bike commuting
EpiBikes are barely usable

  • Departments other than Epi have bikes/interest in them

  • Approach Nice Ride about building memberships

  • Approach Reuse Center about getting bikes instead of repairing EpiBikes

Not discussed

Except for companion event on Earth Day to promote reusables
Further discussion vigorously suppressed - saved for next meeting

PP will ask Community Homestead if they would like to do a presentation