March 13, 2009

Shut down your computer

Before you leave the office please

unplug your laptop (20 Watts)
shut down your computer (73 Watts)
(Unless it is your backup night - continue reading)

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January 5, 2009

Energy use - WBOB



Reducing garbage bins

Removing cubicle (and office) garbage bins and putting a quad recycling setup in each hall would
- encourage recycling instead of trashing
- save the cleaning crew effort
- reduce plastic bags used (these are thrown away too)
- allow reduced evening lighting (if the cleaning crew doesn't need to enter each cubicle)

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Jammed copiers

Jammed copiers use more power than idle ones. If the copier is jammed and it will not be repaired that day then put a note on it and turn it off.

Before you go home

Turn off your monitor
Turn off your power strips
Turn off your task lighting
Unplug unused electronics
TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER (unless it is your backup night)

Turn out the lights

A big topic

conference rooms during the day
task lighting at night
reduce building lighting hours
reduced lighting during the day
replacing incandescent bulbs with flourescent


Turn off the icemakers and use the freezers

October 6, 2008

Energy Conservation Newsletter

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May 20, 2008

Personal refrigerators, coffee pots, etc.

May 19, 2008

Turning off lights - times

Incandescent lights: Turn off whenever you leave a room.
Compact fluorescents: Turn off if they will be off 5 minutes or longer
Fluorescent lights: Turn off if they will be off 15 minutes or longer

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Elevator energy use

How much energy does an elevator trip use?

On an individual basis, little. “Assuming you are traveling 20 floors, making 2 round trips a day you would use 5.8 kWh a month (calculations below). At $.07 a kWh this would be $.40 worth of electricity.? Cumulative effects are larger. Industry estimates for workplaces come in at around 5% of total electricity costs. A college experiment delaying door closings to 26 seconds reduced elevator electricity usage by 1/3 and saved $1.74 (1981) per day.

Hand drying - electric vs. towel

How do electric hand dryers compare to paper and cloth towels?

Energy use is similar, but the costs of refilling and disposing of waste make electric preferred. As discussed previously, this should be combined with reversing the door hinges so that touching the handle is not required.

Dishes - WBOB

What is the EpiCH dishwashing ‘policy’?

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Space heaters

"Electrical space heaters are prohibited in University facilities.
They can overload circuits; they are a fire hazard; and they are energy hogs"

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May 6, 2008

Thermostat settings

Temperature setting

Temperature distribution

If you are seated in an area that is particularly warm or cold on an ongoing basis...

Window blinds

Window blinds should be shut during hot days and overnight during the winter.

Individuals will take responsibility for sections of the building.

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