January 13, 2009

Newsletter 4: Energy conservation

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January 5, 2009

EpiNews updates

(Annie Hotop)

Conservation resource guide

October 28, 2008

Newsletter 2

Our second newsletter will be an assemblage of current happenings. The energy conservation newsletter will be saved for the new year.

Following are a list of topics for this issue. Please choose one and write a blurb in a comment, to be assembled later. If you have additional ideas/blurbs post those as comments too.

Annie Dishware
Lora B Survey readers - what do they want to know?
Anne Reuse program at the U
Annie Paper weights - does 20lb use half the paper of 40lb?
Rose Free shelf - rules
Nathan Bulletin boards

June 19, 2008

Newsletter (Paper conservation) Add your sections here

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