October 30, 2009

Winter bicycle commuting

► 12/10 Winter Bike Commuting Freewheel Midtown 6:30PM 612.238.4447

CONTINUE reading for information from the WBOB informational session and links to other sources.

Please use the COMMENT function to ask questions or give tips.

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July 17, 2009

AAA lobbying

AAA does more than offer services - it is also a major lobbyist. It generally opposes any restrictions/fees on fuel efficiency and air pollution. It supports cheap gas, more roads and driver 'freedom'.

See extended entry for more details, and consider expressing your opinion to AAA or switching to the Better World Club as a 'greener' alternative.

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January 5, 2009



Carpooling map

Put a map of the metro in a central location. Interested parties would put a pin at their house to identify possible carpoolers. The pin would have their name and normal work hours.

Bike/Walk to work

2008 bike/walk to work week (May 12th to 16th)
Epi Bike demo
Epi Bike refit for short and tall riders
Bike path/trail map - outside cube 335B

For the future...
Epi Bike utilization review
Bike tune-ups

June 9, 2008

How to ride the EpiBikes

The EpiBikes are a fun and comfortable way to get around campus.
These are not ordinary bikes
- "flat-foot" design is much easier for new riders
- bikes fit a wide range of sizes
- basket on front
- helmets are available
- Chain guard to keep your cuffs out of the chain

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May 19, 2008

Epi shuttle use

Has the Epi Shuttle log been reviewed and is the data available?

Yes, Ginger presents monthly reports with totals by day and by trip time. Average use during the period reviewed was just under one rider per leg, with roughly 0 using the MDH trip.

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