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Literature reviews

Notes from the U of M library course

Ideally you can find a book on the subject, as it should be thorough and comprehensive

These are the next best option. Annual Reviews Database - field experts are invited to summarize current scholarly work on a topic. Consider searching all topics rather than the Public Health only. Wiley Interscience Database - more difficult to use because it incorporates all Wiley products. Use the advanced search and include "Compass" with your keywords to limit to the annual review.

Digital Dissertations includes abstract of most western European and N American institutions. There are other dissertation collections, or you can google. NDLTD, OpenDOAR, Repository66, WorldCat.

Many search tools will notify you when they find new matches to your old searches. You can also ask for citation alerts to see how a publication is received. You may need to look for a "help" link to find out how to use them.