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4 miles of canicross

Joel Wegener was at the Boston Marathon. Fortunately he was done well before the explosions. But I'm talking about a different type of explosion. Jean wants to have the roof of Judith's house done right away, before the rains of spring. The roofer told her it was the worst job he had ever seen, and will probably need new decking as well.

When I hear new decking, I hear new insulation. There's no better time to seal bypasses than when the roof is off. But hey, the interior walls need to be replaced, too. And the windows. And if you're basically removing everything but the frame, that is when you should consider changing the frame. It wouldn't be much more expensive at that point to install a larger, simpler second story. Then the power lines could be run into the walls instead of through the roof. Since she likes the mushroomy (not her word) look, I think doubling the size of the dormers would make sense. That's how a necessary repair explodes into a new second story in my mind.