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Poisson d'Avril

Fitness test
1 mile at
200m: 34s
Pullups: (2s up, 2s down)
Pushups: (2s up, 2s down)

A mixed bag of pranks today.
SUCCESS! Sarah was cutting it a little close on her meter, so when she saw the ticket envelope as she walked down the street she checked her phone for the time. Most importantly, she immediately looked inside and saw that it was not a real ticket. Didn't want to cause her more stress.
GOOD I thought it would be weeks before someone noticed a little switch on the EpiCH Division Head wall of fame. It wasn't even a few hours. Apparently some Important People were scandalized, but another said to leave them up. They made it till noon. (Click to enlarge.)
BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME. You go to work and open your study database. What do you see?
Unfortunately I forgot to check that the data collectors would see all the layouts, so it only had a partial effect. And if they closed a window before the script ended it would close the file entirely, so they couldn't work. The script has been rewritten. Next year...

Oh, and one more thing: You've got to love autocorrect when it changes Annie Hotop to Annie Hooooooooooooootopoftheworld!