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4 miles with 6x1 minute faster runs
1&1/2 isometrics

Tonight I hosted a great block club meeting. After 10 years of being the block club leader, I think I was stifling the block club. I did a lot, and people appreciate what I did, but being at the center of it constrained what could be accomplished and was exactly the work I don't enjoy. The pre-Earth Day cleanup really clarified that last part. Time to let other people do it, even if they do it wrong (i.e. not my way).

Coincidentally(?), my desire to annex the surrounding blocks and create a block club empire was realized at the same time I more or less divested from being the block club leader. We are now going to be the Wonderland Addition block club, with as yet undetermined boundaries. Someone else will maintain the block phone list, someone else will handle the e-mail communication, someone else will organize NNO, someone else will organize the fall leaf pickup, and someone else will coordinate elm tree inoculation. I hope. If this stuff doesn't get done, that's okay. It doesn't have to be my problem, does it?