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Analysis: Attribution

The article I will be analyzing for the analysis is the Pioneer Press story on a Walgreen's robber's sentencing.

This article had a variety of sources for the material being covered. The term "witness" was used and was never given specific attribution. However, key quotes were made from the suspect's sister as well as employees who reported what the robber said in Walgreen's.

The first source was the police, who basically reported the facts of what happened. This information is important for the reader to feel they're getting reliable and straight forward information.

The next source was the employees, who had reported quotes from the suspect to police. The employees also stated the suspect had possession of drugs and a large knife. This information gives the reader more information on the actual robbery.

Finally, the suspect's sister gave information on her brother's background, explaining his criminal and drug history. She also quoted her brother and how he was feeling after the incident.

The attributions made in this story are overall very clear. They give the story more depth and make the reader feel more informed about what really happened.

Japan refuses to apologize to China

Japan's prime minister denied China's demand Sunday for a public apology after detaining a Chinese fisherman, ABC News reported.

Authorities released the captain Friday, but China then said the Japanese must go further by offering an apology and unknown amount of compensation, The New York Times reported.

Hyundai recalls many 2011 sedans

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said Sunday that Hyundai would recall many of its 2011 Sonatas due to a steering defect, CNN reported.

Hyundai, a Korean manufacturer, is set to recall nearly 139,500 new Hyundai sedans because of the possible reduction in steering capability, which would cause the driver to lose control, The New York Times reported.

True freshman breaks Tim Tebow's record

Trey Burton, a true freshman, set the University of Florida record Saturday by scoring six touchdowns in a 48-14 win against Kentucky, AOL News reported.

Burton, a backup quarterback-receiver, broke the school's record previously set by Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow, USA Today reported.

Man dead in St. Paul shooting

One man was shot, and another injured early Sunday morning on Oakley Avenue between West Lynnhurst and Prior Avenues in St. Paul, KSTP reported.

The slain man, whose identity has not been released, was found by police in the street around 3:30 a.m. A second man was taken to Regions City Hospital with a wound to his leg, The Star Tribune reported.

Walgreens robber gets probation

A 23-year-old Oakdale man was given 20 years probation Wednesday in connections with a Walgreen's robbery The Star Tribune reported.

Christopher L. Stensgard was caught in June on surveillance camera stealing packages of OxyContin and fentanyl, while waving a large knife at a St. Paul Walgreen's. The stolen drugs were worth more than $9,000, the Pioneer Press reported.

Analysis: Leads

The lead I will be using for this analysis is from The Star Tribune; "The mothers of the two hikers still imprisoned in Iran ramped up their campaign to push for the release of their sons Wednesday."

This lead contains the most important information as it clearly give the who (mothers of the two hikers), the what (continues to push for their sons' release), the where (Iran), and the when (Wednesday). It also skips over the how and why, which will be covered in the following paragraph.

The Star Tribune has been covering this situation in depth for a while, as it has to do with someone from Minnesota. Therefore, the names of the people involved are not needed in the lead since the readership is familiar with the story.
There are not any wasted words in this lead. Nothing is too detailed in a way that takes away from the focus of the story, which is the campaign for the return of the hikers.

As a straightforward hard-news lead, the writer finds the action and gives the most important information early. The details are general and encourage the reader to look on in order to see what the mothers are doing in order to push the release of their sons.

18 injured after charter bus crash in Texas

Texas authorities say 18 people are injured Saturday after a charter bus from Dallas to Oklahoma City struck a highway barrier, the New York Post reported.

The bus driver told authorities that a vehicle swerved in front of him and he took evasive action by pulling into the inside shoulder of the highway. The bus struck the concrete barrier and came to rest on the grassy median, The Associated Press reported.

Although 18 were hurt, with injuries ranging from bruises to broken bones, the midnight accident could have been deadly. The impact of the bus hitting the barrier at about 60 mph shattered the front windshield and ejected three people through passenger windows, The Dallas Morning News reported.

US college bans social media sites

A central Pennsylvania technological college is blacking out social media for a week, the Asbury Park Press reported.

On Monday morning, Harrisburg University closed channels to the social networking sites so no access could be gained via the university's central wireless system, according to a report in The Guardian.

Provost Eric Darr said the exercise is not a punishment for the school's 800 students, but a way for people to think critically about the prevalence of social media, USA Today reported.

25 killed in Sri Lanka blast

An explosion at a construction storage site in eastern Sri Lanka killed 25 people Friday, CNN reported.

A truck carrying explosives accidentally detonated outside a police station in Karadiyanaru. The explosives were to be delivered to a rock quarry to build roads, reservoirs and other infrastructure in the region, MSNBC reported.

A police officer involved in the investigation said Saturday the detonators were stored together with dynamite in one of the containers and may have been accidentally activated by a worker who was removing them for the day's work, The Associated Press reported.

St. Paul mayor picks new chief of staff

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman on Monday named the city's marketing director and a political supporter as his next chief of staff, the Pioneer Press reported.

Erin Dady, 33, will take over the position from Sara Grewing, who was recently appointed city attorney. Dady joined Coleman's staff in 2006 after working on his mayoral campaign. She has helped bring big events, such as the 2008 Republican National Convention, to St. Paul, The Star Tribune reported.

Missing Shoreview man claims he was kidnapped

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Ramsey County authorities are trying to locate a Shoreview man who called his wife in hushed tones Friday evening and said two men had kidnapped him, The Star Tribune reported.

According to a crime alert issued Saturday evening by the state Department of Public Safety, Matthew William Anderson, 29, was at an unknown location in Iowa, authorities said. Anderson's wife, Amber, became concerned when she returned home from work Friday afternoon and didn't find her husband or their 1-year-old daughter, Amelia, the Pioneer Press reported.

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