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U.S. and Russian drug agents conduct Afghan drug raid

U.S forces and Russian drug agents seized more than 2,000 pounds of heroin Friday from Afghanistan laboratories near the border of Pakistan, The Seattle Times reported.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai said the drug raid was violation of Afghan sovereignty, the Los Angeles Times reported. However, Afghan police participated in the operation.

Afghanistan is the world's largest producer of heroin, The Seattle Times reported.

Walmart worker arrested after shooting co-workers

A Walmart worker was arrested Friday after he opened fire on other employees at the store in Reno, Nevada, CNN reported.

Three employees were injured and two remain hospitalized in serious condition Friday night, CNN reported.

John Gilane, 46, was arrested after a six-hour standoff with police. He will be charged with three counts of attempted murder, two counts of battery with substancial bodily harm, and one count of battery with a deadly weapon, the Reno Gazette-Journal reported.

Apparently Gilane feared for his job at the store, but there have been no identified motives for the shooting, the Reno Gazette-Journal reported.

Local high school gets day off due to vapors

St. Louis Park High School was closed Friday after chlorine vapors spread from the pool area throughout the school, The Star Tribune reported.

The chlorine fumes extended from the pool due to a power failure, The Star Tribune reported. Two students were taken to a hospital for observation, but were released to their parents later.

Classes were canceled for grades nine through 12, but the other district schools are open as usual, Minnesota Public Radio reported.

Florida mother pleaded guilty to killing baby son

A Florida mom has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder of her baby after he interrupted her Facebook game, the Associated Press reported.

Alexandra V. Tobias, 22, shook her son to death in January because he kept crying while she was playing Farmville, a game on Facebook, The Toronto Sun reported.

Workers beaten, robbed in Uptown coffee shop

Two workers at Dunn Bros. Coffee shop were assaulted and robbed Wednesday night in Uptown, The Star Tribune reported.

A surveillance video captured two men robbing the register and beating the workers ten minutes before the shop closed, The Star Tribune reported.

Police recovered the stolen money and arrested two suspects after being tipped off by customers. The suspects have previous convictions for first-degree assault, KSTP reported.

Analysis: Speeches/meeting

News report:
Press release:

The report is regarding the National Black Farmers Association rally and press conference on Capitol Hill. The report had a variety of quotes from influential members of government including senators and the president of the National Black Farmers Association. The length was longer than the press release. The report gave multiple background information on the association as well as financial statistics. The reader was able to see the organizations intentions in great detail, as well as why they're looking to the Obama administration for assistance.

The press release was vague in details of what was all happening for the rally. It gave a paragraph or so of background information and followed it with the intentions for the rally. It was more detailed in the sense of time and place. The release gave specific times, days of the week, locations, and other organizations involved with the rally.
Example: Saturday, February 6, 2010: Little Rock, Arkansas (The Downtown Hilton)
The release also gave a contact name and phone number, in order for the press to call for further information.

Democrat Dayton leading polls

Mark Dayton appeared at the top of polls Sunday for the November race for governor, The Star Tribune reported.

Democrat nominee, Dayton, got 41 percent of Minnesotan's vote in the most recent survey by The Star Tribune. Republican nominee, Tom Emmer, has strengthened his numbers but remains behind with 34 percent of the vote, The Star Tribune reported.

Independent party candidate, Tom Horner dropped down in the polls since last month. Apparently, the drop had a lot to do with undecided voters choosing one major party or the other, the City Pages reported.

German ship seized near coast of Kenya

A German freight ship was seized by pirates Sunday morning off the coast of Kenya, Yahoo! News reported.

The Singapore-flagged vessel, York, was carrying cargo of about 150 tons of liquefied petroleum gas when it was seized by Somali pirates, the France Press reported.

Gerald Lim, director of York Maritime Company, said there was no word on the ship or crew, PressTV reported.

YMCA death proved to be a homicide

A man's death after being arrested by the Minneapolis Police at a YMCA in September was ruled a homicide the Hennepin County Medical Examiner's Office confirmed Friday, KARE 11 reported.

David Cornelius Smith, 28, died eight days after being tasered by police at the downtown Minneapolis YMCA last month, WCCO reported. Police were called to remove Smith from the gym, but had to restrain him after he refused to leave.

The medical examiner's office reported the taser was not the only reason for Smith's death.The report says he was restrained in a way that made him have trouble breathing, which led him to cardiac arrest, WCCO reported.

The two officers involved were given paid administrative leave, as the case is still under investigation, KARE 11 reported.

Gopher Captain passes milestone

Gopher football quarterback Adam Weber passed 10,000 career passing yards Saturday morning at TCF Bank Stadium, The Star Tribune reported.

Weber, a fifth year senior, became the fifth Big Ten quarterback to pass the milestone, Sports Illustrated reported. Weber reached 10,000 yards after a second quarter completion in a lost against Penn State Saturday.

Analysis: Multimedia

The New York Times vs. The Star Tribune

The New York Times has an immense amount of features in their multimedia section. Besides a normal photo slide show for stories, the organization includes audio with photos, as well as interactive features such as this tennis story showing different angles of hitting on the court. Maps and video features help the reader see more in depth into the story. Certain slide shows give multiple paragraph descriptions in the pictures. These descriptions give the reader more background into who or what was in the photo.

The Star Tribune offers normal photos, video, and audio to go along with certain stories. They certainly don't offer as much multimedia, because they don't include as many news features as The New York Times. However, the podcast feature is available to the reader. These pod casts include weather posts, as well as profiles on people such a government candidates and athletes. The writing next to photos is extremely straight forward. Usually there is only one sentence beside the photo. The sentence consists of the important, factual information that the reader needs to know.

Plane crash in New York kills 1, injures 3

One man is dead, and three others were injured Sunday morning in a small plane crash in New York, The Star Tribune reported.

Passenger Ed Cerverizzo, 75, died after the plane crashed into four parked cars near Republic Airport, Fox News reported. The pilot and two other passengers are in critical condition at a hospital.

No one on the ground was injured, Fox News reported.

Stampede at Indian temple turns deadly

At least 10 people were killed Saturday night after a stampede in Bihar, India, CNN reported.

The stampede occurred during a ritual for the popular Hindu festival, "Navrati," the Los Angeles Times reported. There was about 40,000 people who participated in the ritual at Durga temple.

The stampede started after people had offered goats in sacrifice, CNN reported.

'Leave It to Beaver' star dies

'Leave it to Beaver' actress Barbara Billingsley died early Saturday at the age of 94, CNN reported.

Billingsley passed away from a long battle of rheumatoid disorder polymyalgia at her home in Santa Monica, California, ABC News reported.

The famous actress played mom June Clever on the hit 1950s show. She also won over fans in the 1980 movie "Airplane," CNN reported.

Two Edina schools were evacuated Friday

Edina High School and Valley View Middle School were evacuated and closed Friday morning due to a chemical leak in a storage room at the high school, KSFY reported.

Both schools were evacuated around 7:50 a.m. and remained closed for the day. The high school's homecoming dance was moved to a community center, Fox 9 News reported.

Test results revealed the liquid was nontoxic. No one was injured, The Star Tribune reported.

Reports saying Brewster will be fired

News outlets reported Saturday evening that Gopher's football coach Tim Brewster will be fired after the 2010 season, according to the Pioneer Press.

ESPN reported Brewster was informed he would not be kept as head coach following a 28-17 loss against Purdue Saturday.

A news conference is scheduled for today, according to Gopher Illustrated.

Teen charged in Lake Elmo shooting

An Oakdale teenager was charged Thursday for first-degree murder after he shot a man in a Lake Elmo park, the Pioneer Press reported.

Dao Xiong, 19, shot a St. Paul man in the park in regards to spare car parts, KSTP reported.

The bail is set at $2 million, Topix reported.

Dollar drops, against yen

The dollar moved to a 15-year low against the Japanese yen Thursday, Axcess News reported.

It's not just the Japanese who are moving their currencies. Many central banks from Brazil to South Korea to Australia have planned to lower their currencies. This act would drive up commodities like gold and crude, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Obama coming for Dayton

President Barack Obama will be coming to Minneapolis on in two weeks to rally supporters for Democratic candidate for governor Mark Dayton, the Associated Press reported.

Obama will headline the rally for the Democratic-Farmer-Labor party on Saturday October 23. Times and locations for the event have not yet been released, Minnesota Public Radio reported.

Bus crash injures dozens in Chicago

A Chicago Transit Authority bus crashed off a main thoroughfare injuring dozens Saturday night in Chicago, the Pioneer Press reported.

The bus, carrying around 70 people, crashed into trees around 6 p.m. Saturday, authorities said. One person is in critical condition, while about a dozen are in serious condition, The Star Tribune reported.

The CTA is still investigating the cause of the accident, Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford said. About 20 other riders were treated for mild injuries, The Star Tribune reported.

Gophers lose out on Axe, again

The Gopher football team lost to the Badgers 41-23 Saturday afternoon in Madison, The Star Tribune reported.

This marked the seventh straight year, the Gophers lost to the Badgers. Thus, the seventh straight year the Gophers did not leave the game with Paul Bunyan's Axe, the Pioneer Press reported.

Analysis: Structure

The article I will be doing for the blog analysis is The Star Tribune story on a gang member who pleaded guilty on shootings at Southdale mall.

The reporter gave the most important details in the first paragraph, including what happened, who was affected and where the shooting occurred.

The information is ordered in a margarita glass fashion. The first couple of paragraphs explains the key information on the suspect involving the case, and then was followed by a summary of the events in chronological order.

I would not change the story. It's clear and provides the information, I as a reader, would want to know. I got the background of the suspect, as well as the punishment and past information on the crime he pleaded guilty for.
Attribution is given in the middle of the story with an explanation from the Hennepin county judge. This attribution makes the reader believe the story and its facts because of its source.

Verizon Wireless said Sunday the company will pay out up to $90 million in refunds to cell phone customers worldwide, Yahoo! News reported.

Over 15 million customers were incorrectly charged by Verizon Wireless for Web access or data usage over the past several years. Current customers will get credits on their next bill, while former customers will get a refund check in the mail, CNN reported.

Verizon Wireless, the largest cell phone carrier in the U.S., is a combined company between Verizon Communications Inc. and Britain's Vodafone Group PLC., Yahoo! News reported.

"Social Network" earns big money, questions

"The Social Network" earned $23 million and debuted as the number 1 film this weekend, the Associated Press reported.

Though thousands came out to see the movie, many viewers thought it portrayed Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder and chief executive of Facebook poorly. Critics agreed Zuckerberg is seen as an awkward schemer who misled people at Harvard to build an online social network, while he pushed out his friend from the company, The New York Times reported.

Carl Paladino threatens reporter

New York governor candidate Carl Paladino threatened to "take out" a reporter during a heated exchange Wednesday, ABC News reported.

Fred Dicker, a reporter for the New York Post, urged Paladino to provide proof of evidence on claims he had made about his running mate. Paladino said that the 'goons' from the Post had gone to see his daughter at her house, The Huffington Post reported.

"You send another goon to my daughter's house and I'll take you out, buddy." Paladino said. Paladino told Dicker that he would get the evidence "at the appropriate time," yet Dicker kept asking him to provide proof, The Huffington Post reported.

North Minneapolis shooting victim dies

A 28-year-old north Minneapolis man died Saturday, after being shot in the head last weekend, The Star Tribune reported.

Timothy Wayne Wilson Jr. was hospitalized September 25 after police found him shot in the head on the 2000 block of north Fourth Street. Minneapolis police say no motive for the shooting has been determined, KSTP reported.

St. Paul experiments with parking meters

Downtown St. Paul will install fifty parking meters that accept coins, credit cards and store value cards starting in November, The Star Tribune reported.

The experiment will monitor reliability, ease of enforcement and cost of maintenance. The new meters will be installed on Wabasha Street between Kellogg Boulevard and Sixth Street, the Pioneer Press reported.

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