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Elizabeth Edwards dies of breast cancer

Elizabeth Edwards died of breast cancer Tuesday, The Associated Press reported.

Edwards was diagnosed with cancer in 2004, a day after the her husband, John Edwards, lost in that year's presidential election, ABC News reported. She was 61.

Edwards recently wrote a book, Resilience, based on her life experiences, The Associated Press reported.

New Medicaid plan will help Minnesotans

The state of Minnesota could add 95,000 low-income adults to its Medicaid rolls Tuesday, Bemidji Pioneer reported.

This would not add any additional costs to the state, The Star Tribune reported. The federal government would pick up roughly half the cost of their care under Medicaid, The Star Tribune reported

This new program comes after Democrat Mark Dayton said he would bring $1.2 billion in federal health care dollars to the state after taking office on Jan. 3, Bemidji Pioneer reported.

Metrodome roof collapses

The roof of the Metrodome collapsed Saturday night, The Star Tribune reported.

Due to frigid air and accumulation of snow the 29-year-old roof caved in, the Pioneer Press reported.

The incident brought back the debate on whether Minnesota should get a new stadium for 2012, The Star Tribune reported.

The Minnesota Vikings organization decided to reschedule the game between the Vikings and New York Giants for Monday night in Detroit, The Star Tribune reported.

Fire in Bangladeshi capital kills 25

At least 25 people have been killed after a devastating fire Tuesday in the outskirts of Bangladeschi capital, Dhaka, USA Today reported.

There have been over 100 injuries, mainly burns, CRI English reported.

The fire started on the ninth floor of a garment factory building, CDI English reported.

Bangladesh has about 4,000 garment factories that export more than $10 billion worth of products a year, USA Today reported.

Bodies found near New York City

Four female bodies were found Saturday near Long Island, New York, CNN reported.

The bodies were discovered near Oak Beach, about 45 miles from New York City, Fox News reported.

Police said the bodies were in various stages of decomposition, CNN reported.
They have reason to believe the same person or persons are responsible for the dead bodies, CNN reported.

Police believe the possible serial killer had been dumping the bodies over the course of an 18 month period, Fox News reported.

Old weapons taken from Mankato Armory

Dozens of antique weapons were stolen from the Mankato Minnesota National Guard Armory on Wednesday night, WCCO reported.

A military employee discovered a number of missing weapons on Thursday morning, WCCO reported.

Officials are still taking an inventory of the weapons, Fox News reported.

Israel forest fire leaves many dead and injured

A fire in the Carmel forest region in northern Israel burned thousands of acres and killed at least 60 people, The Los Angeles Times reported.

40 prison guards were left dead when their bus was covered in flames on their way to rescue people from a detention facility in Hafia, The Los Angeles Times reported.

Authorities said as least 25 people are seriously injured and 22 were killed, CNN reported.

House passes bill to extend Bush tax cuts

The House of Representatives passed a bill to permanently extend Bush tax cuts on incomes between 200,000 dollars and 250,000 dollars, USA Today reported.

20 Democrats opposed excluding the wealthy from further tax relief, and three Republicans supported the bill, Politics Daily reported.

The bill was not designed for individuals or families making more than 250,000 dollars, USA Today reported.

However, the bill was not expected to clear the Senate, where the Republicans have the majority, Politics Daily reported.

Actor Chuck Norris to be honored in Texas

Actor Chuck Norris will be honored today as a official member of the Texas Ranger law enforcement group the St. Paul Pioneer Press reported.

Norris, 70, will be given the honor by Texas Gov. Rick Perry at the Texas Rangers office in Garland, Texas, the St. Paul Pioneer Press reported.

The actor starred in the hit show Walker, Texas Ranger from 1993 through 2001, The Dallas Morning News reported. Norris was also a strong supporter of Perry during his re-election for governor.

Apple Valley woman lights house on fire

A 49-year-old Apple Valley woman set her house on fire Thursday morning, and led police on a chase ending with her using a hammer to pound a screwdriver into her chest, The Star Tribune reported.

Rhonda Arkley soaked her house in gas and set it on fire while her husband was still inside, The Star Tribune reported.

Police found Arkley stabbing herself in the chest with a screwdriver in her car outside her house, KSTP reported. She then drove away until police stopped her in Egan, as she used a hammer to pound a screwdriver into her chest.

Arkley and her husband were both taken to Regions Hospital, KSTP reported.

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