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Elizabeth Edwards dies of breast cancer

Elizabeth Edwards died of breast cancer Tuesday, The Associated Press reported.

Edwards was diagnosed with cancer in 2004, a day after the her husband, John Edwards, lost in that year's presidential election, ABC News reported. She was 61.

Edwards recently wrote a book, Resilience, based on her life experiences, The Associated Press reported.

Actor Chuck Norris to be honored in Texas

Actor Chuck Norris will be honored today as a official member of the Texas Ranger law enforcement group the St. Paul Pioneer Press reported.

Norris, 70, will be given the honor by Texas Gov. Rick Perry at the Texas Rangers office in Garland, Texas, the St. Paul Pioneer Press reported.

The actor starred in the hit show Walker, Texas Ranger from 1993 through 2001, The Dallas Morning News reported. Norris was also a strong supporter of Perry during his re-election for governor.

U.S. Women beat Italy in World Cup qualifier

The U.S. Women's soccer team beat Italy 1-0 Saturday in Padua, Italy, Associated Press reported.

Alex Morgan scored in the 85th minute to bring the U.S. one step closer to the World Cup, USA Today reported.

At 21 years-old, Morgan is the youngest player on the national team, Associated Press reported.

Italians set off fireworks at the match, in an effort to distract the Americans, USA Today reported.

Saudi Court rejects death sentence

The Saudi Arabia Supreme Court rejected a death sentence for a Lebanese psychic convicted of practicing witchcraft, ABC news reported.

Ali Sibat's 'sorcery" outraged international human rights groups, ABC news reported. He has used his spells to attempt to separate married couples, Amnesty International USA reported.

The Saudi Court found there was not enough evidence that the witchcraft of Sibat harmed others, Amnesty International USA reported.

Fox spotted in running around Washington D.C.

A red fox was seen on Captiol Hill in Washington D.C. on Friday, ABC news reported.

The fox wandered around and chased a squirrel on the grounds, CNN reported. It continued to search for prey before it ran away.

A number of squirrels came out of hiding once the fox finally left, CNN reported.

Florida mother pleaded guilty to killing baby son

A Florida mom has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder of her baby after he interrupted her Facebook game, the Associated Press reported.

Alexandra V. Tobias, 22, shook her son to death in January because he kept crying while she was playing Farmville, a game on Facebook, The Toronto Sun reported.

Gopher Captain passes milestone

Gopher football quarterback Adam Weber passed 10,000 career passing yards Saturday morning at TCF Bank Stadium, The Star Tribune reported.

Weber, a fifth year senior, became the fifth Big Ten quarterback to pass the milestone, Sports Illustrated reported. Weber reached 10,000 yards after a second quarter completion in a lost against Penn State Saturday.

'Leave It to Beaver' star dies

'Leave it to Beaver' actress Barbara Billingsley died early Saturday at the age of 94, CNN reported.

Billingsley passed away from a long battle of rheumatoid disorder polymyalgia at her home in Santa Monica, California, ABC News reported.

The famous actress played mom June Clever on the hit 1950s show. She also won over fans in the 1980 movie "Airplane," CNN reported.

Gophers lose out on Axe, again

The Gopher football team lost to the Badgers 41-23 Saturday afternoon in Madison, The Star Tribune reported.

This marked the seventh straight year, the Gophers lost to the Badgers. Thus, the seventh straight year the Gophers did not leave the game with Paul Bunyan's Axe, the Pioneer Press reported.

"Social Network" earns big money, questions

"The Social Network" earned $23 million and debuted as the number 1 film this weekend, the Associated Press reported.

Though thousands came out to see the movie, many viewers thought it portrayed Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder and chief executive of Facebook poorly. Critics agreed Zuckerberg is seen as an awkward schemer who misled people at Harvard to build an online social network, while he pushed out his friend from the company, The New York Times reported.

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