This week, my job was to create a new cookie. Now, I am by no means a professional cookie chef. In fact, I am not even an amateur one. This means that my biggest constraint for this project is clearly that these cookies are expected to be edible. Baking an edible cookie is an assignment in and of itself in my case, so I'm already fighting an uphill battle here. I decided my best bet would be to leave the hard part in the hands of the internet cookie experts, and apply the creative element to the presentation.

First, to Google to find an edible recipe.


This one looked like a suitable candidate.


Time for a cookie baking montage!


Here's as far as the original recipe took me. Not very creative yet.


I focused the creative portion of these cookies on the way they were presented and shared. Keeping in mind that this is a new class, with a healthy number of people that have never met each other, it would be great if these cookies could act as a "social lubricant", so to speak.

First, we'll need some additional ingredients.


Then, we'll have to make some tactical incisions in the original cookies...


For this final result

And there you have it. Match Cookies. The plain pieces all have a complementary colorful piece. It's all very yin and yang. Find someone with the matching cookie piece, and start to talk about...I don't know...cookies or something?

Unfortunately, the last step of this assignment requires me to cut the cookies up into a bunch of little pieces, but at least this should work for the one cookie I'm required to bring in whole.


I really like the concept for your cookie of bringing people together. I also thought your use of the bottle and shot glass were clever for someone like the college kid that doesn't have baking supplies on hand. The second I saw your cookies I thought of Pac man. Maybe there's a name? I don't think I had the chance to try your cookie in class but it looks like it would taste good. The only real criticism I'd have would be to focus more on your creative process. I would have liked to see more experimentation, especially with the flavors.

Hahahaa… I thought your blog is really fun and I can feel the humor in the context. From your pictures, and the process you involved, I can feel you put a lot of effort to learn how to make cookies. And the result is really good. They taste good actually. They become really creative cookies because of the idea “social lubricant”. In the class, some people make innovation on the flavor, some on the appearance, but you make those lovely cookie creative by developed their “social” functions.

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