Well, despite my best efforts, I was unable to get four classmates in a room at the same time for an entire hour last week. I don't know if I should blame family commitments or the fact that a majority of my classmates are going through full-time job recruitment at the moment, but the bottom line is I wasn't able to hold my brainstorming session. What follows is my best attempt at partial credit.

First, my 'how might we' statements. Here's how I modified my problem statements from last week:

  1. How might we make it easier to find places to park in the winter?
  2. How might we make it easier for people to plan their evenings around bad weather?

Since I wasn't able to hold the brainstorming session, I also wasn't able to play my new improv game. The game I would've played was a 'yes and' form of pictionary. The idea was one person would start out drawing something. After 15 seconds, this person would pass the note card to the person on his or her left. The new artist would then have to 'yes and' the original drawing by making an addition to the note card. To make sure the energy stayed high and everyone felt involved, each artist making an addition would only have 5 seconds to draw something before having to pass again. The only part that really comes from pictionary is that people would be drawing images quickly in front of a group.

I liked this idea because it would've gotten people's drawing muscles warmed up, gotten them comfortable putting their quickly drawn images in front of the group, and gotten the group used to accepting ideas from others.


Hi Dean,
I notice that you keep referring to four classmates for the brainstorming session, which classmates are that and why were they necessary? What I'm trying to say is that the four people could have been anyone at all (friends, family etc.).

For the "How might we" statements, I would have liked to see a connection from the previous post, like mentioning the two problem statements you used.

The game you came up with sounds fun. 5 seconds is a VERY short time to draw anything, which could be a problem but could also just make it more fun. The one question I have is when does the game or the drawing round end?

About the landscape drawings, I do believe that the landscape orientation requirement applies only to sketches, so if you wanted that pretty cat photo to be in portrait style I think that would be OK. So for instance for all the sketches you would have had from the brainstorming session should have been posted in landscape orientation, and the same goes for the next assignment. Having a landscape oriented picture in the post is not a requirement per se.

I think you should really try and host a brainstorming session this week if you can at all just to get the ideas flowing. For this assignment, even though you didn't host a brainstorming session, I would have liked to see any ideas you came up with on your own during the week.

Hi Dean,

I know the difficulty of getting people together. I cancelled one session due to no shows. I finally had mine on Monday, but only 2 of 5 came. Very disappointing (and I'm still trying to get my blog post up).

I'm guessing that "classmates" is a loose reference to other University students. Perhaps you need to reach out to other groups?

Your HMW statements seemed fine, but I wasn't sure how they connected to your problem statements from last weeks' exercise. It would be nice to see those included in this post.

Your game sounds interesting; certainly challenging. 5 seconds?! It would be great to try it, and note what adaptions you would recommend (if any) afterward.

You probably should follow through with the assignment. It will be difficult for you to continue with the ideas generated. I wish you luck, and will be happy to comment when (if) you edit this post. Let me know at


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