It's finally here. The last entry in this almost two-month-long journey into the world of winter living. To recap, my sub-theme was winter driving. My final five ideas have strayed a bit from that central idea, though (you can blame my survey takers). My final five ideas:

  1. Winter hat with chap stick holder
  2. Glow-in-the-dark windshield cover
  3. Easy application windshield cover
  4. Winter parking mobile phone app
  5. Jacket with expandable shelter



Based on the Pugh Chart above, it looks like the winter parking app would be the best idea going forward. The biggest concern in this market is an iPhone app called Parker.


This app helps people find street and ramp parking near their current location. The app's disadvantage, though, is that it only works if it's able to read specific sensors in the road. If the expensive sensors haven't been installed, it's essentially worthless. Once a user gets out of downtown or off major roads, I could see this app's coverage becoming very spotty. With where the technology is now, I don't see it as analogous with the function of my proposed app. It could be a very large threat in the future, though.

I settled on the name Navale, as a combination of the words navigation and valet (then I dropped the 't' in valet to make the whole thing look a little less weird).

Here's my final product sketch:




Since you don't have your video, I'll just comment on what you do have! I like your product idea a lot, it's definitely useful. One thing I would say first off is to redo your final sketch to make it more neat, maybe add some color, etc. so it really conveys what the app does. Also (and I'm not sure if you include this in your pitch already) make sure to talk about why it's a feasible product. Good start!

Definitely an interesting idea and a defined problem. Finding parking is always a problem. Do you have any experience with machine learning algorithms? What kind of data would you need to collect to make that happen? How expensive is that?

Is there a way to track the phone's speed and tell when a person has stopped to park, to use as further data? You say if the expensive meters aren't up, the app is useless.. Is that true?

You gave a great pitch on Tuesday; one of my top picks.

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