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Reflection on "Schooling and Learning in an Information Society"

This article was difficult for me. But what I can say definitely is that schools are never same as other institutions for business. Although I'm not sure about the actual situation of business, I think even if business institutions use a lot of technologies, they just deal with information, and transport information to others such as by email, powepoint for conferences and so on. On the other hand, using technologies in schools allow students to use their cognitive tools. Students sometimes see what most business people think right from critical point of view, and have conversation with other students and teachers in class and create new sense of value. It may be true when the author says that schools will be no longer dominant places to transform culture to next generation, but it is true in terms of "communication of information". That is, I believe creating new ideas and sense of value for students' future and human life is mainly in schools. Therefore, technologies must be used to contribute to that kind of learning, not just dealing with information.