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September 14, 2008


OKay, I devoted most of my day to learning more about podcasts, more about feeds and trying to make sense of it all. I found a podcast of a show I love to listen to on the radio while driving...I am only lucky enough to actually be in my car the same time as the radio show about 3 times a year. The show is called "This American Life", I am sure you have heard it or at least of it, great stuff. However, listening it to it while sitting in my house is not easy nor enjoyable. I need the solitude of my car to enjoy it. Anyway, I briefly toyed with the idea of creating my own podcast and decided the laundry was a higher priority! With that said, off to do more folding...

September 13, 2008


Wow, I have spent some time looking through the Flickr site. I searched "Hibbing" then "Iron Range". Many, many pictures of my ol' stomping grounds! I moved to "the cities" (as the people up north refer to the twin cities) about four years ago. I miss my family, friends, pine trees and the sandy beach at the lake. In contrast I love the farms, feilds, barns and animals I see daily on my drive to work, everyday I am in awe.
Well I think I am going to take a break from my Extension 2.0 for now but plan to come back to it later this weekend - I need to get caught up!! Thank you Amy for the great course.

New Feeds

Well, I have subscribed to several "feeds"...not sure where they are!! Are they on my blog or are they on my computer? (I kinda feel like I am talking to myself) I am sure I will find them once I look for them.
Catch you later...

First Time Blogger

This is my first experience blogging. I am not sure I would have time to keep up a blog, but I am excited to learn something new!