Please remember the following for your blogs:

For the blog entries, you may go beyond the required readings, links and videos and do some extra reading (from recommended readings, newspapers, journals, or web pages, for example) on the week's topic. Please post all blog by midnight Tuesday before our scheduled Wednesday date. Therefore other classmates may respond as appropriate.

This presentation should include approximately 300- 500 words for the following:

A. Briefly summarize the main points/issues or central argument of the reading assignment for the week that are relevant to you.

B. Critically reflect on the material for the week, for example:
What do you think of the points that were raised?
When relevant, make connections between the previous readings/videos/discussions and current events by referring to media coverage of related issues.
What strikes you as thought provoking, controversial, or as warranting further explanation or discussion?
How relevant were the concepts introduced?
What kinds of questions were excluded that you thought should have been raised?
How does this reading enrich (or not) our understandings of health disparities and cultural competency.

C. While writing draw build from your classmates discussions and inspire discussion from your classmates.
Develop one insightful question or two about the readings
Attempt to answer your own questions;
Or respond to another student's post, building upon it, disagreeing with it, or re-thinking it.
Always remember to be thoughtful while writing and use proper etiquette.

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