A Foodie Road Trip


This past spring I went on a road trip across the West. When we began to plan our meals and stops I looked no further than the Kirschner Collection. There you will find the staple Roadfood and goodfood : Jane and Michael Stern's coast-to-coast restaurant guides by Jane and Michael Stern, along with Cafe hopping in the Southwest by Sunny Conley. We also used the Flavortown USA app, designed by a local friend that adds all the locations from the show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Here are a few of our favs:

  • Catseye Cafe, Bozeman,MT First, let me say I am not a cat person. Don't let the cat kitsch decor here scare you off, or the long waits, or you might miss the best banana bread french toast in your life! Amazing!

  • Catseye cafe

  • Hash House, Las Vegas, NV The name says it all, as they specialze in great hash with the yummy crusty bits I love. Don't forget to order toast, as it was so much fun to select from the kaleidoscope of jams and jellies.
  • Rock Spring Cafe, Rock Springs, AZ It is worth every second to drive an hour outside of Phoenix for the best pie in the USA. The mixed berry crumb rocked my world. So much I almost drove back a few days later to get some more. Thank goodness they ship, so I can get their pies all year round.
    rocksprings cafe

    My husband and I put on over 4,000 miles from Minnesota to Montana, through Utah and Nevada to Phoenix, Arizona, then back home, but well worth it for these and numerous other foodie stops, and beautiful scenery.

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