SciFinder Scholar Web Now Available

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The web version of SciFinder Scholar is now available, and access via the client software will end in late 2010. Until we move completely to the web, our 17 seats will be split between the web and software versions. I will monitor how many people are turned away each day and change the allocation as needed. Keep in mind that weekday afternoons are the busiest times. The web version still requires you to use VPN off-campus.

- You  need to register to use it.
- A glitch in our website may send you to an Access Denied page. Just click on the "Please login..." link.
- You may need to go back to the registration page if you get a blank page.
- When you fill out the registration form, use your e-mail address.
- Because only current University of Minnesota students, faculty, and staff are permitted to use SciFinder Scholar, please do not share registration/log-in information with non-affiliates.

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