SciFinder Scholar Updates for Fall

I just got back from the ACS meeting in Boston and have some SciFinder Scholar news.

  • We now have 20 SciFinder Scholar seats available to us. Those seats are split between the client (13) and web versions (7) for now.
  • The SciFinder Scholar client software will be available until June 30, 2011.
  • Highlighted changes for the web version:
    • Find articles using DOIs with Document Identifier
    • Sort substance answer sets by MW or MF.
    • Set preferences to automatically get rid of MEDLINE results.
    • Search Markush structures, generic hypotheticals found in patents, with Explore Substances. It is limited to compounds only found in patents and not well-characterized enough to be included in the Registry.
UPDATE: I have added relevant links which I neglected when I initially posted this.



Could you send some details? Where do we get the latest SciFinder Scholar client?

What is the web address for people to use if they want to connect that way?


Jim Pirie
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

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