Super Bowl in Minneapolis

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I wrote my final paper on Minneapolis being selected as the host city for Super Bowl 52 in 2018. Minneapolis is one of three finalists to be rewarded with this Super Bowl. Across the country people may not think that Minneapolis would be a good fit but I think otherwise. Minneapolis would be the best fit for a Super Bowl in the near future. The new stadium coming in 2015, previous large event experience, and the beauty and size the city of Minneapolis has are all reasons why Minneapolis would be a great fit for a future Super Bowl. Some may not think this way and have counter arguments to this position of mine. Some may think Minneapolis lacks allure and attraction. Other finalists for Super Bowl 52 are Indianapolis, Indiana and New Orleans, Louisiana. Some believe that these cities would be better choices for the Super Bowl. The biggest issue some may have with Minneapolis is of course our climate, they think we are too cold to host a Super Bowl. I truly hope that Minneapolis gets chosen to be the host city and that we get the opportunity to prove the nay-sayers wrong.

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