April 3, 2007

Making A Difference.

From Faribault's Building on Promise Program-

The following story was written by a matched student:
"I've been involved with Building on Promise for a while now. When I first heard about it, I thought that is was not something I'd want to be in, but I was wrong. Everyone is very nice and we do a lot of fun things. We have a new [Promise Fellow] that we met at a grill out, his name is Michael and he's easy going. Andrea and Michael know how to have fun. And you don't have to just talk about things within the group, Andrea and Michael are also willing to help you out with some issues that you may have or other things. I also have a mentor named Jenny. She's really easy to talk to and we both have a lot of the same interests. We enjoy sitting around and reading poetry. I met her though BOP and Andrea hooked me up with her because she is really fun and interesting."

A post from the Cass Lake Community Coordinator:
"One of our programs, Smart Girls, works with young female students in Cass Lake-Bena schools to promote greater self-confidence, enhance academic achievement and foster connections to the larger community. Several of the girls have experienced extreme poverty in their lives and a trip to the shopping mall and formal sit-down dinner were new experiences for some. One girl, having tried on a dress for the first time in her life, was overcome with pride and self-confidence. She could see a proud new self-identity and unlimited potential. We shopped for soap, shampoo, toothpaste and other items that have often been scarce in the lives of our young adults."