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Ninety-two percent of Medical School alumni are satisfied with how well the University of Minnesota prepared them to succeed in their careers, according to the University of Minnesota Connecting with Alumni survey. The survey, conducted last year by the University of Minnesota Foundation, asked more than 300,000 University of Minnesota alumni about their connections to their alma mater. It addressed such topics as career information, community involvement, and affinity with the University.The survey yielded 51,133 responses, of which about 3,000 were from alumni of the Medical School. Here are a few other things we learned about our Medical School alumni:

  • 90 percent reported that they were satisfied with their overall student experience at the University
  • 66 percent identified themselves as practitioners in a professional clinic or firm, while 10 percent said they were owners or co-owners of a private business, 7 percent said they were educators, and 5 percent said they were researchers; 21 percent said they were retired
  • 13 percent of respondents reported having won national or international awards or honors
  • 23 percent reported having founded at least one business or organization
  • 80 percent reported having made gifts to nonprofit or charitable organizations; 61 percent said they volunteered, and 32 percent said they have served in a leadership role with such groups
  • 64 percent described their current relationship with the University as “strong” or “very strong”
  • 49 percent reported visiting campus in the previous year
  • 37 percent listed collegiate publications, such as the Medical Bulletin, among the most valuable sources of information about the University and Medical School

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