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In Memoriam: Winter 2009

Carole J. Bland, Ph.D., Class of 1974, Plymouth, Minnesota, died August 23 at age 62. Dr. Bland spent her entire career at the University of Minnesota Medical School, most recently as assistant dean for faculty development. Nationally recognized for her research on mentoring, she was director of clinical research fellowships for the Department of Family Medicine and a principal architect for mentorship programs at the Medical School. She was also codirector of the leadership/mentoring component of the Committee on Excellence in Women’s Health.

Dr. Bland wrote numerous scholarly articles and several educational books about faculty development and research. She also received a number of awards for her work, including the Distinguished Career and Outstanding Research Publication awards from the American Educational Research Association and the Hames Research Award from the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine.

Dr. Bland is survived by her husband, Dick.

Samuel W. Hunter, M.D., Class of 1947, St. Paul, died October 22 at age 86. A heart surgeon, Dr. Hunter studied at the University of Minnesota under Owen Wangensteen, M.D., Ph.D., and later conducted heart surgery research with C. Walton Lillehei, M.D., Ph.D. He developed an improved electrode for use with an existing pacemaker with Medtronic engineer Norman Roth and in 1959 became one of the first to use the device on an adult, extending the patient’s life by 7 years.

Dr. Hunter also worked for a private medical practice in St. Paul and was a trustee of several arts and professional organizations, including the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and the Health Care Evaluation Board.

He was preceded in death by 1 son and is survived by his wife, Thelma; 5 children; and 9 grandchildren.

Robert G. Bjornson, M.D., Class of 1944, Ma’alaea, Maui, Hawaii, died January 31, 2008, at age 87. Dr. Bjornson served as chief of radiology at Bethesda Hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota, as chief of radiology at St. Paul-Ramsey Hospital, and as an associate professor at the University of Minnesota Medical School. He also practiced at the Maui Memorial Hospital and with the Maui Medical Group. Dr. Bjornson is survived by his wife, Ann-Marie; 6 children; 11 grandchildren; and 1 great-grandchild.

Peter L. Boman, M.D., Class of 1965, Duluth, Minnesota, died November 12 at age 70. An orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Boman worked at the Duluth Clinic for more than 20 years. He was president of the board of Benedictine Health Systems, chief of staff at St. Mary’s Medical Center, and a pioneer in hip replacement surgery. Dr. Boman is survived by his wife, Susan; 4 children; 4 grandchildren; and former wife, Judy Giese.

Hershel B. Cope, M.D., Class of 1946, Virginia, Minnesota, died December 2, 2007, at age 85. Dr. Cope specialized in obstetrics and gynecology. He was preceded in death by 1 son and is survived by his wife, Molly; 6 children; 19 grandchildren; and 11 great-grandchildren.

Nancy I. English, M.D., Class of 1992, Duluth, Minnesota, died August 8 at age 57. Dr. English practiced in Duluth, where she served as chief of staff at St. Luke’s Hospital and as a member of the medical staff executive committee at St. Mary’s Medical Center. She also helped start programs in public health, transitional living, chemical dependency, and adult protection at the Ebenezer Nursing Home. Dr. English is survived by her husband, Tom Crook, and 2 children.

James R. Fox, M.D., Class of 1945, Edina, Minnesota, died December 18, 2007, at age 85. Dr. Fox, an internist, served as medical director for Minneapolis Public Schools personnel, Control Data, and United Capital Life Insurance. He founded the Academy of Occupational Medicine and was a leader in the Hennepin County Tuberculosis Association. Dr. Fox was preceded in death by his wife, Shirley Leidl. He is survived by his former wife, Elizabeth Webster Curtin; 4 children; 2 stepchildren; and 16 grandchildren.

N. L. (” Neal”) Gault Jr., M.D., Class of 1950, died December 11 at age 88. Dr. Gault was preceded in death by his wife, Sarah, and is survived by his 3 children, 4 grandchildren, 1 great-grandchild, and special friend, Britt-Marie Nyman. Read about Dr. Gault’s remarkable legacy.

Roscoe A. Gutekunst, M.D., Class of 1945, Plano, Texas, died February 6 at age 91. Dr. Gutekunst practiced medicine in Phoenix, Arizona, where he specialized in thoracic surgery and pulmonary diseases. He later worked as a general practitioner and was a charter member of the Academy of Family Practice. Dr. Gutekunst is survived by his wife, Cynthia.

Kent O. Hanson, M.D., Class of 1954, died August 13 at age 80. Dr. Hanson practiced medicine for 52 years, serving as a family practitioner in Flagstaff, Arizona, and establishing a private practice in Phoenix. He is survived by 3 children and 4 grandchildren.

Helene M. Horwitz, Ph.D., died October 24 at age 66. Dr. Horwitz is survived by her husband, Charles Horwitz, M.D.; 3 children; 4 grandchildren; and former husband, Hans Rudnick. Read more about Dr. Horwitz’s many contributions.

James Janecek, M.D., Class of 1959, New Brighton, Minnesota, died September 14 at age 75. Dr. Janecek was one of the first psychiatrists to serve in the Vietnam War. In the 1980s, he acquired Familystyle Homes in St. Paul, Minnesota, which provided transitional housing to mentally ill individuals. He also worked at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Minneapolis for many years. Dr. Janecek is survived by his wife, Jeanette; 3 children; and 4 grandchildren.

Alan R. Johnson, M.D., Class of 1960, Moorhead, Minnesota, died November 18 at age 74. Dr. Johnson practiced medicine in Windom, Pelican Rapids, and Minneapolis, Minnesota. He also taught residents at the University of North Dakota Medical School and was a Bush fellow, charter diplomat of the American Board of Family Practice, and fellow of the American Academy of Family Practice. Dr. Johnson is survived by his wife, Jeannine; 3 children; and 6 grandchildren.

Howard K. Kaliher, M.D., Class of 1944, Portland, Oregon, died August 10 at age 90. Dr. Kaliher practiced medicine in Foley and Pelican Rapids, Minnesota, where he also owned a hospital. He later practiced for 36 years in Tillamook, Oregon, where he served as a physician at Tillamook High School, volunteered for numerous public health initiatives, provided medical support to the coast guard and Federal Aviation Administration, and performed coroner services. Dr. Kaliher was preceded in death by his wife, Muriel, and is survived by 3 children, 3 grandchildren, and 5 great-grandchildren.

James H. Kelly, M.D., Class of 1947, St. Cloud, Minnesota, died September 18 at age 84. Dr. Kelly founded the St. Cloud Clinic of Internal Medicine in 1958 and served on the boards of the St. Cloud Hospital and the Allina Health Care System. He was president of the Minnesota Heart Association, medical director of St. Benedict’s Senior Community Center, and Minnesota chapter president of the American College of Physicians. He received the American College of Physician’s Laureate Award in 1988. Dr. Kelly was preceded in death by 2 children. He is survived by his wife, June; 8 children; 14 grandchildren; and 1 great-grandchild.

Gerald W. Koos, M.D., Class of 1956, Duluth, Minnesota, died August 10 at age 78. Dr. Koos helped establish a medical practice in Heron Lake, Minnesota, worked for Urologic Physicians in Edina, Minnesota, and was a clinical professor at the University Minnesota Medical School. He also served as president of the Minneapolis Academy of Medicine and as chief of staff at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis. Dr. Koos is survived by his wife, Mary Jo; 6 children; and 16 grandchildren.

Donn E. Leuzinger, M.D., Class of 1953, Wichita Falls, Texas, died November 7 at age 82. Dr. Leuzinger specialized in urology and practiced in Texas for nearly 40 years. He is survived by his wife, Lesley Serrano, M.D.; 3 children; and 3 grandchildren.

LeRoy D. Olson, M.D., Class of 1967, Mankato, Minnesota, died November 13 at age 65. Dr. Olson practiced radiology in Mankato, Minnesota, for nearly 20 years. He is survived by his wife, Becky; 2 children; and 4 grandchildren.

Charles R. Peluso, M.D., Class of 1946, St. Anthony, Minnesota, died November 15 at age 86. Dr. Peluso was a professor of medicine at the University of Minnesota, where he taught family practice residents and served as a member and chair of the Medical School’s admissions committee. He also practiced medicine in northeast Minneapolis, served as chief of staff at the former St. Barnabas Hospital in Minneapolis, and led the family practice residency program at the Medical College of the University of Georgia. Dr. Peluso is survived by his wife, Lorrie; 8 children; and 13 grandchildren.

Leonard Sadoff, M.D., Class of 1954, Playa del Rey, California, died September 2 at age 78. An oncologist and internist, Dr. Sadoff worked for Kaiser Permanente Medical Group for 35 years. He also conducted clinical cancer research and cofounded a humanities in medicine program at Kaiser Sunset medical center in Los Angeles. Dr. Sadoff is survived by his wife, Elizabeth; 2 children; 3 stepchildren; 3 grandchildren; 7 step-grandchildren; and former wife, Eileen.

Joseph A. Schaefer, M.D., Class of 1944, Santa Rosa, California, died April 26, 2007, at age 86. Dr. Schaefer was one of the first pediatricians to practice in Santa Rosa and one of the first to practice at the Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. He was chief of staff and chief of pediatrics at the hospital and, following his retirement, became one of the first volunteer physicians to work in the hospital’s mobile clinic. Dr. Schaefer was preceded in death by his wife, Patricia, and is survived by 5 children, 1 grandchild, and 3 great-grandchildren.

Robert W. Schulz, M.D., Class of 1955, Proctor, Minnesota, died August 2 at age 86. Dr. Schulz delivered more than 1,000 babies as a family practitioner in Fairmont, Minnesota, for more than 20 years. He helped to build and served as medical director of the Lutheran Retirement Home in Truman, Minnesota, and was a health officer in Fairmont and a health officer and deputy medical examiner for Martin County in southern Minnesota. He also served as medical director of the Moose Lake State Hospital. Dr. Schulz is survived by his wife, Susan.

Donald A. Sutherland, M.D., Class of 1946, Los Angeles, died March 9 at age 85. Dr. Sutherland specialized in internal medicine. He worked for St. Paul’s Hospital in Dallas, Texas, and for the Kaiser Permanente Medical Group in Harbor City, California.


The obituary for Carl O. Bretzke, M.D., Class of 1952, published in the fall 2008 edition of the Medical Bulletin, should have stated that he was from Hutchinson, Minnesota. Dr. Bretzke died July 28 at age 80.

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