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Minnesota's Future Doctors student profile: Joohee Han

Joohee Han (Submitted photo)

Hometowns: Born in Iri, South Korea, and moved 11 times during first 10 years of life. She says Minneapolis gave her family the “best home they could ask for.”

High school: Robbinsdale Armstrong High School, Plymouth, Minn.

Current undergraduate college: University of Minnesota

Anticipated undergraduate degrees: Bachelor’s degrees in genetics, cell biology, and development and in physiology with a minor in chemistry

Anticipated medical school and start date: Dream schools include: Mayo Medical School, Johns Hopkins University, Harvard University, Columbia University, and the University of Minnesota (August 2013)

Academic and/or professional goals: Receive an M.D. or M.D. /Ph.D. degree and continuously absorb new knowledge in medicine and science. Stay in academics to become a professor and principal investigator and enhance global health care customer service.

Inspiration for pursuing a career in medicine: “When I first arrived in the United States, I had many disabilities. I was blind to written words, deaf to expressive sounds, and mute to express myself. Without the English language, I was helpless. That feeling of isolation was [lessened], however, due to the benevolence of great volunteers, teachers, and friends who became my senses and, finally, taught me to fine-tune my senses. When I was most vulnerable, people with great hearts lent me their hands.

In retrospect, my challenge was very minor. For those who suffer greater health problems, I want to lend my hands during the most frustrating and isolating times with the foundation of medicine and science that I have built throughout my academic career. I have shadowed and learned about other professions and how each greatly helps the world in various ways. However, it was the medical doctors I shadowed who seemed to hold the key to improving the quality of human health at the most personal level.”

The impact of Minnesota’s Future Doctors: “The Minnesota’s Future Doctors program means the world to me. Despite my goals and ambition, my path toward medicine was doubtful before the Minnesota’s Future Doctors program. With financial struggles, I did not have the time and support to search for resources and mentors by myself. I also did not have the strong moral support that I now continuously receive from the program.

Minnesota’s Future Doctors gave me peace of mind. I am heavily involved in academics, work, and extracurricular activities. It is the Minnesota’s Future Doctors program that keeps me focused and gives me confidence. The program is always there to help me achieve my goals. I am greatly indebted to Dr. Jo Peterson for her mentorship, resourcefulness, and frequent “How’s it going?” or “You are doing great!” emails. The Minnesota’s Future Doctors program means everything to my future.”

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