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Minnesota's Future Doctors student profile: Rachel Kay

Rachel Kay (Far right, submitted photo)

Hometown: St. Paul, Minnesota

High school: Central High School, St. Paul

Current undergraduate college: Harvard College

Anticipated undergraduate degree: Bachelor’s degree in human evolutionary biology

Anticipated medical school and start date: University of Minnesota Medical School or another medical school on the East Coast or in the Midwest (2014 or 2015)

Academic and/or Professional Goals: Graduate with honors and a foreign language citation in Spanish and work in the emergency department of a level 1 trauma center.

Inspiration for pursuing a career in medicine: “My interest in medicine stemmed from a fascination with how the human body functions and the enjoyment I experience when interacting with a wide variety of people and hearing their stories. Participating in Minnesota’s Future Doctors, volunteering at Children’s Hospital in the Pediatric Epilepsy Unit, and conducting clinical research at Hennepin County Medical Center, strengthened my decision to pursue a career in medicine.. I love the learning process and want a career in which learning will be a lifelong pursuit. In my roles as a volunteer, researcher, student, and family member of a patient, I realize that physicians can have a significant impact on the lives of multiple individuals beyond the direct treatment of medical conditions. Medicine combines my passions, and I can think of no other pursuit toward which I [would rather] direct my energy and focus.”

The impact of Minnesota’s Future Doctors: “Minnesota’s Future Doctors has provided me with unlimited support and the tools to achieve my medical career goals. Through the program, I learned about ways to strengthen my applicant profile. The program’s focus on health disparities has influenced my selection of extracurricular activities. Jo [Peterson’s] guidance is invaluable, and I strongly believe that the Minnesota’s Future Doctors program has increased my likelihood of success in medicine.”

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