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Notes from the field

Lucy Cosgrove, Marie Wilson, and Julia Shumway (left to right) with some residents of a shantytown called abatey. Photo courtesy of Advances Magazine.

Exploring the global field experience

They are bright, curious, and determined—in short, they have what the world needs in budding public health professionals. This summer for their required field experience, many second-year MPH candidates took these qualities far afield; others used them closer to home.

Thirteen students jumped into a foreign culture. Although they prepared for that leap in their classes, they had to think creatively and improvise once on the ground. As Maternal and Child Health student Julia Shumway puts it, “we learned as we went along.”

Their education was enhanced by the wisdom of local people and of seasoned colleagues. And their time abroad left these students even more committed to the public health path. Many of the following quotes come from the students’ blogs at On that site, you can read more about their travels and about the best way to eat a mango, the beauty of Uganda’s Sipi Falls, and Chinese hospital pharmacies.

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